Singapore is quite a culturally-open and sensitive society. Every Ethnical group in Singapore has their own festival, relevant to their religious belief. Almost monthly of the year recognizes a celebration of some form or other, which is delighted for whole inhabitants. In a good community, Singaporean regard and enjoy one another’s religious festival with appreciate. All of these festivals are usually colorful events centered around religion and tradition.

Valentine’s Day in Singapore

The various social invasions through hundreds of years have made Singapore one of the most multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nations around the globe. The area is considered as a center for artistry and culture and this is demonstrated in the innumerous festive occasions that are famous here. Having a great impact of music and ancient Romans, the nation celebrated Valentines Day with much wonder. On this day, the whole atmosphere in the nation is complete with love combined together with a variety of interesting activities.

People in Singapore enjoy and celebrate the event of Valentines Day with excellent passion and enthusiasm. This day also correlates with the Chinese New Year celebrations. On the Fifteenth day of the event, single women gather along the banks of the excellent Singapore River and wish to find their heart partners. Many individuals even arrange for outings, and one can choose from a variety of options, like boat rushing, playing games, etc.

Valentines Day is also a special day for many couples to tie the troubles for him/her who believe that, it will offer a nice beginning of a life with full of pleasure and joy. Actually, a marriage ceremony is quite regular in Singapore, around Valentines Day. The young create a bee range to the well-known night clubs and restaurants in the nation. A romantic candlelight dinner for a couple at a popular place is really  enjoyable on this day.

On this day, a very conventional way of professing one’s love for a person is by giving wonderful flowers.  Different colors of flowers show the various importance and for presenting to a beloved, red color is the best in the list. Valentine’s day cards are also great for gifting your partner how much you care. The information on these cards can be anything about lovely wonderful wishes to insane ones. Depending on the level of relation, these cards are gifted.

New Year celebration in Singapore

Singapore the most beautiful country of Asia looks incredible on the New Year Festival celebration. The ever wonderful Singapore seems to put an additional pleasant-looking create up over it during the New Year Festival. All the celebrations created for the event is depending on Chinese’s tradition. It is the significant day of a party in Singapore.

All the roads, buildings and marketplaces are fashioned with various colorful lightings. People in their specific selves also decorate their homes and put in the lighting all over the place. Generally, most of the individuals plan out a special dinner for his or her lover in the night. You can also perform a dinner with all of your friends. Getting together with friends and family members is considered as an important part of New Year celebration in Singapore.

The Marina Bay area is the greatest celebration place of the New Year Festival. It is the beautiful tourist attraction for the night, where people not only from all over Singapore but also from different countries around the globe arrive. The encompassing resorts and restaurants begin to make reservations few weeks before the New Year.

Sentosa Flower Festival

The Sentosa Flower festival is a free occurrence of Chinese New Year on Sentosa Island. This Festival has been running annually for four years at this time. It co-includes with the Chinese New Year Festival. The  flower festival is one of the most important festivals for every loving couple. An elderly couple also celebrates this festival.
Celebrate the appearance of spring when you phase into at Sentosa Flower Festival. This flower festival delivers to you some of the most exclusive flowers of spring. You can get a glance of what exactly is in the shop when you take a move along the boardwalk bridging Sentosa to the land. It will be covered with different flowers to put you in the feelings for more.

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