If you are planning to have some lovely days with your family and planning to go for a tour to some best place then I must recommend you to go for Armenia. Armenia is country of Asia which has always been one of the best places to visit in Asia.

So if you have made your mood to go for the tour to Armenia then this post is going to help you as I am going to write the best things that you can do while in Armenia. So let’s have a look.

1. Don’t Forget To Visit Best places

If you go for Armenia and don’t go for sight seeing then you have missed the great part of tour. Armenia has got many world famous places to visit. The best places to visit there are the capital Yerevan and Echmiadzin and Sevan. Echmiadzin is very quite city and environment of the city will put you and your family into the relief from all the tensions of busy life.

2. Shopping

Whenever it comes to traveling other place or country then shopping is the part that one cannot forget to do. Human mind has always been curious to buy new things. Shopping is like the heart of travel and you cannot forget to shop in Armenia. The country has got too many malls and local stores of your interest. While the big malls are flooded with branded products, you can visit local stores to buy the cultural products that will connect you to the rich culture of Armenia.

3. Food

Enjoying the food of foreign places has always been on the top of ‘ To Do Things During Travel’. There are many restaurants that you can find to enjoy a great meal with your family. Going to the restaurants in night, sitting near the river with your family when the blue light of the restaurants make the river water to look like sky, creates a heaven on the earth and you cannot forget such a lovely meal time enjoyed with your family ever.

4. Movies

The whole country has got cinemas with lots of features in them. While visiting Armenia you cannot forget to visit the cinema halls there. Cinemas are lased with lots of features in them. You can go for the local movies and also  there are many cinemas who are always running Hollywood movies. You can have lovely time while seeing movies in the VIP cinemas and the moments enjoyed in the cinema halls will become the most interesting and unforgettable moments for whole life.

5. Festivals

If you want to feel the rich culture of Armenia then this is the best way to do this. You can take part in festivals and can enjoy a lot while having attachment with the rich heritage and culture of Armenia. The country is well known as Sight of Festival. So going to Armenia and not taking part in festivals will be like enjoying the tour only a bit. The festivals are organized in almost all the months. Like in June, there is Waters Day on which the children splash water on the young and as soon as the clothes of young soak, they take the revenge from children by doing the same. All this create environment of immense enjoy and fun.

So are you ready to make your vacations special by visiting Armenia. As many tourists go there every year so there is shortage of rooms in hotels always. So it’s better to make the hotel registration before going out there.

Best hotels In Armenia

# Ani Plaza Hotel – Yerevan
# Theatre Hostel – Yerevan
# Aquatek Hotel – Yerevan
# Yerevan Deluxe Hotel – Yerevan
# Hotel Arpa – Yeghegnadzor