Singapore is the most green city among all other South Asian Cities. The green places have always been attractive for the tourist who come for picnic. If you are in the mood of having a picnic in the vacations with your family, then you cannot find anything better than Singapore. Singapore has got many interesting places with perfect environment for Picnic. In this post I will tell you that what Singapore has got for you to enhance your picnic entertainment. So let’s have a look.

1. Botanical Park Singapore

This is the best picnic spot in Singapore. This beautiful place has been features in best Picnic Spots of World as well. So you can easily understand the fun and entertainment that you are going to get by having a picnic with your friends or family on this great place. The place for picnic should have the green ground, cool environment and natural beauty as well. You get all these properties in single place and this place is Botanical Park Singapore. I myself had a great time there in my vacations and I would like to recommend this awesome picnic to all.

2. HortPark

If you want to enjoy your picnic in the lap of nature then you cannot find any better picnic spot than this. While this is perfect place for picnic but the cloudy day adds little more in its perfection. There are 40 different gardens based on unique concept to keep you connected with nature during your picnic.

3. Marina Barrage

If you are like me who love to fly kites then you can’t avoid visiting this place in your Singapore tour. This place is new but it has been able to attract many tourists towards it. During my Singapore tour, I had the chance to have a talk with tourists who visited this place. All recommended it as Singapore’s best picnic spot. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to visit there but you should not miss it. Otherwise you will loosing a great part of your Singapore tour as I did.

4. Jurong Lookout Tower

Most of the tourists always forget this place to visit but make sure that you don’t come in such tourists. Your Singapore tour experience will reduce to half if you forget this beautiful place. This perfect green land is one of the best places for picnic in Singapore. You can have great time with your friends or family here. The best time to have picnic here is evening time around 6 PM. Hill Top Japanese Restaurant, is here to serve you with the tasty food on your picnic.

5. MacRitchie Reservoir

This is the best picnic spot for those who enjoy in the company of other unknown people. This is Singapore’s largest park and the most green park to enjoy picnic. All the tourists prefer this beautiful place to have picnic. This place has got many interesting places inside it for perfect Romantic Picnic. Actually this is a picnic perfect for all, for kids, for friends and for couples as well.

6. Pasir Ris Park

It has been rated as best Picnic Spot for Families in Singapore. So if you are planning to enjoy picnic with your family, then you cannot find any place better than this. This site has got the green park, playgrounds for kids and also fitness centers to keep you healthy. You can see people flying kites with their families and going for tasty food.

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