If you are planning to enjoy some happy moments with your family than Singapore should be at the top of the list. Singapore is one of the most beautiful places to visit during your vacations. If you want to surprise your children and want to see smiles on their faces then  Singapore is the destination.  Singapore has got many interesting places to visit with your kids, so let’s pay attention to the top 7 places in my opinion.

1. Marina Barrage

The study has gone very tough as compared to previous times and kids now need to keep studying the whole day to achieve their goals. In this fast growing technical world the kids are having lots of tensions on their mind but visit to Marina Barrage with your kids and this will offer some relief. Marina Barrage has got many beautiful water fountains for your kids. It has got fresh water reservoirs in it and has been catching the attention of visitors from the very beginning. Entrance to this place is free and visit this place during the evening so you get both the day and night view of this specticle. As the night darkens, you will even see the electronic kite flyers displaying their magic in the skyline.

2. East Coast Park

If your kids love to enjoy cycling or skate boarding then this is the place for your energitic kids. The East Coast Park is the best place to enjoy cycling and skate boarding with your kids. There are many more activities that you can do in this park. Weekends are packed with family activities and events.

3. Universal Studios

This is the place I never forget to visit whenever I have chance to visit Singapore with my kids. The Universal Studios is the most attractive destination in Singapore, especially for kids. There are number of activities that you can enjoy with your kids here. The rush of other families with their kids in Universal Studios add more stars in the reputation and excitement of Universal Studios. To enjoy it you need to buy tickets which are somewhat costlier. But you are not going to visit Singapore daily so the amount you spend in having fun moments in Universal Studios, is nothing in front of the lovely smile of your kids.

4. Singapore Botanical Gardens

This is the place which I loved to visit when I was a kid myself. This is the most beautiful forest of Singapore and is housed in the heart of Singapore. This beautiful place was housed about 150 years ago, so not only it will make your kids happy but also will help  them in learning the history of Singapore.

5. Mint Museum of Toys

Is Singapore a kids friendly place? Toys have always been the best way to make your kids happy. Mini Museum in the Singapore is beautiful collection of toys collected from all over the globe. Since the toys represent the culture and creative background of any country, so the toys present at Museum do. Your kids will love to see the toys, which are rare to get in your own city.

6. Art Museum

Enjoy the rich creativity culture of Singapore by visiting the Art Museum with your kids. The beautiful art works there will motivate your children to do something in the field of art.

7. Singapore Science Center

Visiting Singapore does not only mean to have fun and fun. Some little scientific knowledge for your children is also good to grow them in this fast growing world. Your kids can experience Science which they only get to see in their books.

Best hotels In Singapore to visit this places

# Mandarin Orchard Hotel
# Carlton Hotel
# Royal Plaza On Scotts Hotel
# Grand Park Orchard Hotel
# Park Regis Singapore
# York Hotel
# Peninsula Excelsior Hotel

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