Malaysia is one of the finest places on this planet to visit. If beaches and tropical surroundings are not enough to satisfy you, then its amazing cuisine will. Malaysian foods have a unique build of flavors, developed from a mix of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian tastes.

While in Malaysia you have to try Malay food. It is a must-have if you want to treat your taste buds to an interesting range of flavors. Such as,

Commonly beef or chicken are its primary form of serving. This satay is very light in contents, mildly marinated in spices and then barbecued till it starts to give a light golden color. As all barbecued servings, this one too is incomplete without a sauce. It is served with a tangy sweetish sauce which brings out even more of Satay’s flavor.

This is a wonderful combination of slightly oiled rice with noodles and your own choice of meat or seafood. Then it is further enriched by dark soya sauce and often served with an egg on top. It looks great and tastes even better.

This dish is like a mini buffet in front of you. With a powerful blend of flavors and sauces it arouses your taste buds like no other food will. It basically is a plate full of plain rice after which you can fill it up with a pre-made dish and more sauces of your liking. That is the great thing about Malay food, so many combinations you can make yourself while nothing is dictated about how a certain dish should be served. For instance, you can add chili dry fish, some curry and sauces, making your own Nasi Campur.

It is considered by many as the national dish of Malaysia. It is a comfort food and is suitable for all ages. It is served with a number of twists which is why it is that famous. Traditionally it is served with a triangle of rice covered in banana leaves. Serving begins with a scoop of coconut rice and then additional side dishes to add flavor.

To put it simply, it is a treasure chest of flavors. One bowl filled with numerous flavors wrapped in the contents of its curry. Starting with rice noodles and then covered in rich coconut creamy gravy and curry at side, it is served with different toppings such as shredded chicken, shrimp, fried tofu, etc. It will truly taste like heaven for any food lover.

Roti Canai is essentially a chapatti which has been made from thin dough, oiled lightly and baked over a flat pan. Parallel to this a fragrant and rich curry is prepared, then golden Roti baked earlier is dipped into this curry before enjoying its taste.

Based on fried noodles and the rich flavors of various spices, it forms the shape of a cultured fast food. It comprises of ingredients like minced pork, garlic, eggs and sprinkle of green onions on top.

This cuisine is basically made from seafood, particularly a fish which is considered fatal in waters. But it makes one of the tastiest seafood’s in Malay culture. Wrapped in banana leafs and marinated in spices it’s cooked till it is golden. Banana leaves wrapped around ensure that flavors keep on moisturizing the fish and do not escape in the air around which makes it that much more mouth wateringly tasty.

Another rice based dish, it is especially famous in Penang. Rice is served with different styles of curry. It is usually up to you how you want to have it.

Malay cuisines are considered one the best in world because it leaves so much on you, on how you want to eat it. Most cuisines will be optimized with respect to each individual’s choice, which creates even more types of tastes. If you are in Malaysia then these are a few of the dishes that you must try out.

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