Largest of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, this land about the size of West Virginia and bodering Saudi Arabia, oman, and the strategic Persian Gulg makes much of its Bedouin heritage. That can be hard to square with the glass and steel tall buildings of the capital city.

Streets of Abu Dhabi are filled with Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos. The Emiratis can be seen only in posh shopping malls like the Marina Mall, sipping caramel macchiatos from starbucks and stocking up in 60-inch flat screens

Abu Dhabi is unimaginably rich; it rest atop nearly ren percent of the world’s known oil reserves. Building cranes dot the cloudless sky. Porsches and Escalades are everywhere. The very idea of a nomadic Emirati living in a tent and tending to his camels out in the desert these days seems absurd.

However, if you want to experiance the Bedouin lifestyle, you will not be disappointed. There are many tourist packages that gives you this experience. A new modern city is in transformation. Do not miss out in this opportunity to experience bedouin lifestyle before it becomes too expensive.

Best places to stay in Abu Dhabi and enjoy with The Local Cuisine

Best places to stay in Abu Dhabi and enjoy with The Local Cuisine

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