It is while looking for cheap alternative accomodation that I came across It is a community based accomodation where people rent out their unused rooms, full apartments, boathouse, treehouses and unique spaces for short term rental online usually anywhere between 2days to a month.

This site which has been in operation since 2008, is very professionally run. What made me write about this site is its unique proposition – a win win situation for both parties in the deal. There are many situations where people want to experience allternative lifestyles- different from their usual lifestyle. These could be – farm stay, beach houses, tree houses, boat houses, city life in highrise apartments or even some quiet stay in the woods. This site offer perfect opportunities to experience as a holiday stay.

The question is always about safety for both the house owner and tourist coming to stay. This is where the community interaction come in to play the safety net. The prices are also reasonable and cheaper than hotel rates.

Checkout the website for your next alternative lifestyle holidays.

Disclaimer: I have no relations nor have taken any form of rewards for this article. This article is purely written to benefit our readers.

Hotel’s in Best places Of Asia

# Pattaya – Thailand
# Singapore – Singapore
# Tokyo – Japan
# Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
# Bali – Indonesia
# Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam


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