This is a Theravada Buddhist event which usually takes place in July. Asalha Puja is also called Dhamma Day, is one of Theravada Buddhism’s most essential celebrations, enjoying as it does the Buddha’s 1st sermon in which he start to his five former affiliates the doctrine that had come to him pursuing his enlightenment.

Asalha Puja is recognized on the full moon of the 8th month in lunar schedule. In Gregorian schedule, it usually drops in July; the date of Asalha Puja may differ from season to season due to different date computations between Gregorian schedule and lunar schedule. Asalha Puja 2013 drops on 30 July 2013. and. Asalha Puja 2014 drops on 30 November 2014.

After the impressments of Buddha of Vesakha in Buddhist schedule, the Buddha made the decision to go the Benaras because of the insistence of His buddies. After Attaining Benaras, Buddha provided his first training to his five former affiliates concerning the four royal facts – all lifestyle is struggling (Dukka), source of struggling is wanting (tanha), there is a cessation (Nibbana) beyond struggling and wanting, the way to cessation is through the eightfold direction.

In Thailand, It is noticed as a national holiday; thus, most companies, govt workplaces, and financial institutions are shut. Individuals are provided a day off so that they are able to check out the temples, give promotions to the priests, and pay attention to sermons during Asalha Puja Day. In Indonesia, the main party of Asalha Puja occurs in the Mendut forehead about 3 miles away from Borobudur temple.

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