Searching for a unique and exciting way to spend my backpacking trip in Burma, I decided to splurge a bit and take my trip to the highest level—literally!

Myanmar has a lot of noteworthy tourist spots that has been achieving a lot of attention in the recent years. It is safe to say that Southeast Asia had found a treasure comparable to the likes of Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia that are known to be as tourist magnets. This is not surprising because through the years, Burma had developed their tourism industry and is offering a lot of itinerary options for travellers so that each vacation will be memorable.

On this note, I have become obsessed with the thought of seeing Burma in a whole new, different perspective. Unlike the usual land travel where one is required to go visit each temple included in the tour, I wanted to see a collective view of Burma and its famed pagodas. The only way to see everything in a day is by air. And the best way to do it? Via a hot air balloon ride of course!

So off I went, looking for the best balloon ride tour. I came across the private Myanmar company, Balloons Over Bagan, and learned that they are the best to contact for a balloon ride over Bagan. They are the pioneers in providing spectacular balloon rides over Burma and they ensure the safety of the passengers along with the promise of giving them a one- of- a- kind experience.
The crew were very professional. They went through the security and equipment checks, they were on- time, and are very efficient in answering to our queries.
During our tour, it was fascinating to see a panoramic view of Bagan. The first thing I noticed when we went up is that the children below the villages that we passed through are as excite as we are. You can hear their squeals of delight as you passed by them and the screams add more to your excitement.

Once we are at a steady pace up above Bagan, I was at awe at possibly one of the most magnificent sights in the world. The landscape was a lot different from below as you can clearly see the ancient pagodas down below. The distance was at the best level because it is not too far to see the spires of the pagodas. In fact, you can still outline the unique architecture and the best part is that you can see the pagodas in front of a picturesque background, that is of the mountains far beyond and the horizon seemed to glow adding a more dramatic effect to the view.

Truly, the balloon ride over Bagan is an experience that will last a lifetime of stories. More than giving you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the ancient treasures in Burma, being up there is a blessing as not too many people can have the chance to be at the front view, the most magnificent place to be to see Burma at its finest.

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