Have you seen Boracay’s other beaches? These are the beaches in Boracay Island.

Boracay and White Beach have always been used interchangeably, since the latter has always been the island’s biggest crowd-drawer. But do you know, or have ever visited, the more than 12 other beaches of Boracay Island? Some of these beaches look just as beautiful as White Beach—fine white sand, clear waters and all—while others have clearly seen better days. One thing is for sure though: visiting all these beaches could be an adventure in itself. It’s a great way to go around and get a glimpse of the local life.

White Beach

White Beach, Boracay Island’s longest and most iconic, is also its most commercial strip. Everyone and everything is here, from bars to touts to paraws to bikini-clad, camera-toting tourists. There’s never a day that not a single paraw is in sight, although advertisements plastered on their sails make for such an eyesore.

Puka Beach
Quiet and simple, Puka Beach at the northern end of Boracay is a throwback to the old White Beach. It’s reachable via a chartered tricycle trip, or else on a rented bike. If you go island hopping, Puka Beach is usually one of the stops. There are souvenir shops and restaurants at the entrance, making this beach worthwhile for a half-day trip.

Diniwid Beach

White Beach’s next-door neighbor, Diniwid Beach is home to a couple of resorts, with less of everything White Beach has, including the noise and the food choices. The beach is more secluded, and the cliffside is bathed with golden light from resorts at night.

Ilig-Iligan Beach

Ilig-Iligan Beach is located at the northeastern side of the island. Visitors get here either of two ways: they walk inland to Ilig-Iligan Beach; or they join an island hopping trip, which includes Ilig-Iligan as one of its stops. Just in front of the beach is a snorkeling spot.

Lapus Lapus Beach

Lapus Lapus Beach is a rather lonely stretch of beach reachable via Fairways and Blue Water. Getting to this spot may be a bit tricky, but if you don’t want to share your beach with anybody else, then it’s probably worth the trip.

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is popular for water activities, such as banana boat and flying fish rides, parasailing, and kiteboarding. It’s a short walk away from White Beach as well as to the sloping trails of Mt. Luho Road.

Lugutan Beach

Lugutan Beach, opposite Station 3, serves as a docking station of boats plying the island and nearby Caticlan.

Tulubhan Beach

Local villages dot the beach, and apart from boats docked on the shore, you can also see locals scouring the seabed for fish and urchin. There are a handful of resorts in the area as well, so it may be a good choice for those who want to be away from White Beach.

Sugod Beach

Sugod Beach is a rugged-looking spot past Tulubhan Beach. We chanced upon it by accident, when we were led by a local whom we asked for directions. We had to walk inland for five minutes before emerging on a cliff (the place appears to be private property, but the workers at the entrance told us we could pop in to have a look).

Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach, at the southeastern tip of the island, has several coral gardens just off the shore perfect for snorkeling. If you have snorkeling gear with you and would want to save more on costs, this is a better alternative to island hopping trips offered on White Beach. Tambisaan also happens to be an alternative port to Cagban, so the channel may sometimes get a bit bus

Manoc-Manoc Beach

Just like Tulubhan Beach, Manoc-Manoc Beach mostly has locals either swimming on its waters or harvesting sea urchin during low tide. What this beach lacks in beauty, it makes up for in character.

Cagban Beach

Cagban Beach is accessible via a narrow, unpaved road past the Cagban port. It’s a really tiny beach, and it doesn’t seem to be really popular. There is however a rather rundown-looking eatery right in front.

There are other white sand beaches on the northwestern part of the island, and most of them are accessible from exclusive resorts. These are Balinghai Beach, Punta Bunga Beach, and Banyugan Beach, all of which enjoy the peace and quiet of their remoteness.

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