For several cities and with the numerous cultures around the world, flowers do hold a very great importance among people. From the cherish blossom flowers of Japan to the rose flowers of England, most people mostly hold that unique symbolism of flora tightly close to their hearts. When it comes to the people of Beijing China, one of the most important symbols of their city is the Chrysanthemum.

When does the Beijing Chrysanthemum exhibition starts

This event is celebrated each and every year during the event of Beijing Chrysanthemum Exhibition. This blissful event always starts off on November first in of every year and the one that the people of Beijing are now looking forward towards is the event for the year 2012. If it happens that it is in your plans to come to Beijing for the festivities then be prepared to stay in a hotel here in Beijing. It is very advisable for people to take this golden opportunity and go straight to Beihai Park in order to be in a position of seeing the several stunning examples of these blissful flowers.

More about festivities in the city of Beijing

Despite the several events and festivities that always held in the city of Beijing, the Beihai Park is the most highly regarded when it comes to the display and exhibition of flowers. The display is very impressive and always attracts multitudes of people to come and see as well as learn more about the different types of flowers that are available in china. Not only flowers those are in China but flowers from all over the world and throughout the different continents namely Africa, Australia and so on and so forth. It is always a great opportunity to the people of Beijing to learn the varying species of flowers together with their differences. The importance of flowers to the world of agriculture is also emphasized and being passed across each and every person present in the event. The exhibition is very educational and important to the community of China and this is the reason behind as to why the government of China started this event which is held annually.

Talking about the different flower varieties that will be present come the celebrations of this year, there are so many that can’t be exhausted. There varieties include: the cliff, desk, Pinzhong and even the Bonsai chrysanthemum. All these varieties of flowers will be on display at the Beihai Park in Beijing. In addition to the several varieties, there will also be a couple of the talented flower growers from within the country together with the ones who are reside outside the Asia continent. These growers will be given the opportunity to showcase their best examples of flowers that they grow at their different places and at the same time compete among themselves for the ultimate prize of growing the most blissful flowers in the year of the Beijing Chrysanthemum exhibition. The event has always been ushered at Beihai Park for the more than 25 years and is one of the most popular events among the guest and people who stay at GMHB (Grand Millennium hotel Beijing).

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