Japan is a beautiful country to visit and when we talk about the main attractions of Japan, then Tokyo, the capital of Japan comes at the first rank. In fact, Tokyo comes among the best places to visit in World. Talking about the Tokyo, this beautiful city seems like a real heaven on the earth due to clear environment and rich national heritage. Huge skyscrapers good nature people, beautiful shops and tasty food make all the visitors to love visiting Tokyo and make their tour unforgettable. So let’s have a look at the 7 places to visit in Tokyo.

1. Meiji Shrine

It’s located in the center of Tokyo and is surrounded by lush forest. The lush forest offers an interesting viewport and good environment. Meiji Shrine was built in the back 1920. It was names such after the death of Emperor Meiji. There is huge Torri gate which comes first to welcome all the people coming from different locations of world. Several beautiful things have been setup there to make you aware from the life of Meiji Emperor. This is best place for those who love to enjoy their time in the lap of nature.

2Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park is the place that you must not miss while on the tour of Tokyo. This is one of the best and huge parks of World. Yoyogi Park is perfect for those who want to enjoy some peaceful moments away from the noisy streets. The biking, swimming, shopping, tasty food etc. are some of the best things to do in this beautiful park Yoyogi.

3. Tokyo Imperial Palace

This is a huge park which is surrounded by canals. The beauty of this park can be felt with bridges joining the rivers. There you can find several popular buildings, landmarks, restaurants, sports etc. You can have a lovely evening there with your partner.

4. Ueno Park

This beautiful place is located in downtown Tokyo along with the Ueno Station. This is the best place to have enjoy and great view of rich culture of Japan. You can visit several landmarks there which are perfect to provide a nice and calm environment. There you can visit Tokyo National Museum, the National Science Museum which are like heart of Tokyo. The ancient things fixed up in these Museums will make you to have a spiritual touch with rich culture of Tokyo.

5. Tokyo Tower

This one is located in Shiba Park and is broadcasting tower with eye-catching construction. At 490 and 820 ft. above the ground, you can have a nice view of the beauty of Tokyo. FootTown building is housed at the down edge of tower which is all set with beautiful landmarks, shops, restaurants, galleries etc., to add up more in your travel experience.

6. Tsukiji Fish Market

While in Tokyo, don’t forget to visit the biggest fish market there. It’s located near the Tokyo Tower and you can find all kinds of fishes here. On the outer side of market, there are many shops from which you can but fresh fish to taste with your family.

7. Rainbow Bridge

Due to nice constructions, this is one of the most attractive places in Tokyo. You can enjoy a skyline view of whole Tokyo while riding by car on Rainbow Bridge. The perfect climate adds up more in your fun and makes your visit to Tokyo, unforgettable for the whole life.

So are you ready to visit Tokyo? Check list of best hotels in Tokyo and Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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