Romance runs with the blood of human. Romance is an important part of life. Whenever it comes to visit the best romance location with your loving one, then you can’t find anything better than Singapore. The beautiful place, which was a sleepy island one time, has become one of the best places to visit and have been attracting the young couples for past some years. If you are also planning to spend some lovely days with your loving one in Singapore, then don’t miss to check the list below in which I am mentioning the best romantic places in Singapore.

 1. Anderson Bridge

This popular landmark of Singapore was setup in year 1910 and has always been on the top in the list of romantic places to attract young couples and singles. On Chine valentine day, young girls and boys come here and throw fruits in water with the hope to get ideal partner for their life. Nowadays, people have started attaching their email address and mobile no. with the fruits. The beauty of this 100 year old bridge becomes even more in the moonlight.

2. The Singapore Flyer

When your loving one is scared and with the scary mind he/she hugs you, then you feel like a heaven. No other feeling in the world can beat that awesome feeling. The Singapore Flyer is the tallest Flyer in the world and is 540 feet above the ground. You can have a quick view of beauty of Singapore, while having fun on Singapore Flyer.

3. Mount Faber Scenic Park

This is one of the oldest and beautiful parks of Singapore and offers you scenic view of Singapore Skyline. In the Faber Park, there is not any end of fun and romance. There you can go to the beautiful building named Jewel Box and can have an awesome view of romantic fireworks which glow the whole environment with beautiful lightening and offers you perfect romance time. Jewel Box has also got many restaurants in it, giving you taste of spicy and tasty food with your loving being. You can reach the summit of Mount Faber Park either via road or on foot. You can take rest in-between of your journey by sitting on the bench while having romantic view of sea and island.

4. Arts House

Check the creative work of artists of Singapore in Arts house. You can have great fun while going through the beautiful art works of artists. The Arts House is not only beautiful but has got three restaurants in it, offering you delicious food.  Weddings organized at Arts House add up more fun in your sexy time with your partner.

5. Cable car

If you are visiting Singapore with your loved one, then Cable Car can bring immense fun in your trip. This is the best way to enjoy tasty meal with your partner while riding at 70 m above the sea level. This ride is from Mount Faber to the sunny island. You can have great view of nearby housings while enjoying ride on Cable Car. The food menu card gives you idea of what you can have and at what cost. Although the food is little bit expensive but it doesn’t matter while feeling like heaven while having your most loved person with you.

Singapore is one of the most romantic places in World. Don’t miss to have fun in these beautiful places while having a tour to Singapore with your loving being.

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