The botanic garden in Singapore is known all over the world. It is about 20 percent of the Central park in New York. It is the only botanic garden in the world which is open from 5 am to 12 PM daily for the whole year. It was started in 1859, so it has the touch of Singapore’s history and rich culture. Many people prefer to stay there during their Singapore tour. There are many hotels near the botanic garden. In this post I am highlighting the best hotel neat botanic gardens Singapore. So let’s have a look at it.

1. Traders Hotel

Undoubtedly, this is the best hotel near the Singapore botanic gardens. The best part of the hotel is the outdoor swimming pool. There is separate swimming pool for children which makes it the best hotel for family stay. The rooms are well furnished and fully air conditioned. Perfect modern facilities like Music system, DVD player, TV and free WiFi access to high speed internet is provided to the customers. There are beautiful spa centers, beauty centers and fitness centers as well. The restaurants are also housed within the hotel having 24 hour room delivery service. The hotel staff is hard working and all the facilities of this great hotel makes your Singapore tour a never forgettable one.

2. The St. Regis Hotel

The hotel was started 11 years ago and has well built rooms in it. The best facilities include the hard working staff, fitness center, Eco friendly climate, spa centers and restaurants as well. The rooms are luxury and are designed keeping the comfort in mind. The hotel’s rooms are also good for children as well. This makes the hotel a good one for family stay. 24 hour front desk service and free room delivery is also the part of the hotel’s features.

3. Regent Singapore

The hotel has outdoor pool to give your perfect bath experience while enjoying the sunrise. 24 hour front desk service is part of the hotel. The restaurants are housed in the hotel, offering you tasty food to your door step. The other good features include, the spa center, beauty salon, well furnished and air cooled rooms. The hotel is perfect for business persons as well as it has got small meeting rooms in it. All the rooms have modern facilities like phone system, TV, DVD and fast internet access via the WiFi.Free transportation facility to the airport is also provided to all the customers. To keep you fit and healthy, the fitness center and steam rooms are housed within the hotel.

4. Orchard Parade Hotel

This hotel is located on the Orchard road. It is very near to Orchard MRT train station, which is only 1 KM away from the hotel. The best points of the hotel include, free transportation facility, luxury rooms, outdoor swimming pool. To keep you fit and healthy during your Singapore tour, the hotel has no. of beauty centers, spa centers and fitness centers. The rooms are features with  full entertainment by TV and DVD player. Free and fast internet access is provided to all the customers.

5. Hilton Hotel

This luxury hotel is also located at the Orchard road and has good facilities like tasty food delivery to doorstep, LCD, TV with cable service, music system, phone, fitness center, spa centers, steam room are some eye catching parts of this superb hotel. The currency exchange service is there within the hotel to make it easy for customers to exchange currency.

So which hotel you are planning to stay in? Share your views in the comments below.