So you are planning to visit Singapore in the vacations. Well, let me tell you that you are on the right move as Singapore is one of the best cities in the Asia. Visiting the Singapore is none less than visiting the heaven. The beautiful city has got large no. of beautiful buildings that can make you happy.

Singapore is also known for Museums in it. This great city has got many Museums in it. If you are going to visit Singapore and don’t visit museums there, then I must tell you that you would be missing one attractive part of Singapore.

So let’s have a look at the best museums in Singapore that you should visit.

1. National Museum Of Singapore

Whenever we visit any other country or place, the first fantasy in our mind is to go through the history of that particular place. The same fantasy may hit you if you are going to visit Singapore. If you want to know the history of Singapore, then it’s the fits museum that you should visit. The museum has got many galleries related to different stuff that you can go through. It’s the oldest museum in Singapore. There you can find food gallery which has the things to let you know about the history of popular food among the residents of Singapore. The another good thing there is the family gallery. You can see the culture and living style if families in Singapore by seeing the family portraits.

2. The Peranakan Museum

Singapore has been the place for living for people all over the globe. People from other countries and cities keep coming here to live here. This is what, the Peranakan Museum is based on. In the Malay language, the meaning of Peranakan is ‘locally-born’. This museum includes the Chinese traders who came here for living in the 14th century. Also it includes some people from Indian merchants who came here in 15th century.

3. Singapore Art Museum

Singapore art museum has always been attraction for the visitors coming to Singapore. If you are going to visit Singapore, then you must not avoid visiting this awesome museum as it has got the art work by people of Singapore. The museum connects you to the rich culture and history of Singapore. It has been opened since the year 1996 and has been getting good hit from the visitors coming from all over the globe.

4. Asian Civilizations Museum

This is also among the oldest museums. It was built in the 18th century. Although it is housed in beautiful city Singapore, yet it has got the things that can take you through the history of all countries of Asia. Here you can easily distinguish between the histories of different countries of Asia. You can come across the rich culture of all countries. You will come across the contribution by each country in the development of Asia. If you visit Singapore but don’t visit this museum, then I must tell you that you are going to half your fun. It’s the place that need to be visited by you along with your family.

So it was the list of best museums in Singapore. I hope you like it. Singapore is best place to visit in Asia and you should visit the museums also. These museums only cost USD 7 to 9 which is nothing in front of knowledge that you are going to get by visiting these museums. Best hotels In Singapore.

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