India, a country of beauty and well spirited people is one of the best countries to visit. I had a chance to visit India in the last year and I truly enjoyed my tour of India. While this big country is covered with beautiful places and landmarks in every corner, South India maintains a different place here. South India has always been on the top of wish list of any visitor having a tour to India. Here is the list of best places to visit in South India.


Shimla is the most beautiful place to visit in South India. The place is not only famous in India, but is known world-wide. In India, during the summer, when the hotness is at its best in all the three directions, we can have a sigh of relief while having fun in Shimla with our family. Shimla is known for its cool climate which has been attraction of people of North India due to the immense heat from which they suffer during summer. Gaiety centre is the beautiful building housed in Shimla near the British theater. The high mountains, crowd of people from all over the globe coming here, heavy rains and cool climate add up more fun in your visit to Shimla and make your journey a never forgettable one. Jakhu Temple is a famous temple in Shimla that is housed at the peak of a mountain and to reach there, one has to climb the mountains. The interaction with other people keeps you interested in hiking up.


Ooty is beautiful hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu which is visited not only by people of India, but people from every part of world. Doddabeta lookout is the best thing to do in Ooty. With having height of 2633 meters, it’s the highest point nearby and the best attraction for the visitors. It offers you cool climate, sunny weather. The birds flying early in the morning work like an alarm for you and give you refreshment in the early morning.

Tirumala Tirupati Balaji

Give your visit to India, a religious touch  by visiting this temple in South India. The temple is visited by thousands people every day with keen belief on GOD. It’s located in Andhra Pradesh and is 67 km from Chittoor. The historic shrine of Sri Venkateswara attracts the interests of many people visiting it. With the too much rush, everyday passes like a festival day in Tirumala. But the most important festival day is the ‘Brahmotsavam’ which is organized for 9 days continuously in the month of September.

The Golden Triangle of Southern India

This is another good place to visit in Southern India, making your tour to India, never forgettable. The triangle starts at the city Chennai which is a big city and comes among the four big cities of India. The Fort of St. George is designed with old times look. The visit to Fort of St. George takes you back to the old days, when India was ruled by kings. The flashback also helps you to touch the rich heritage and culture of India.

Southern India has got many interesting places in it that one would like to visit during his/her tour to India. If you are also planning to have a visit to India, then don’t forget to be there on there beautiful places to double up your fun on India’s visit. Here also best hotels to stay in India.

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