Hong Kong includes a contrasting list of characters as a state of China and provides a useful and interesting introduction to those who wish to know more about Chinese culture. Although the size is small, the place has a plethora of places one can visit. It has a bit for everyone: history enthusiast, art and culture fanatics, adventure lovers and the rest. Also, being the commerce and economic hub, the state of Hong Kong is quite populated with the most advanced infrastructure and state of the art buildings.

One of the major attractions is the museum of art (located at Salisbury): It is bound to entertain those who hold a special interest in Hong Kong’s history. It houses a massive collection of about 14000 artifacts, including paintings, calligraphies, antiques etc. the museum is an artist’s haven and a history buff’s dream come true.

As for the little ones, the Hong Kong Disney land is your destination: It is the first ever Disney-themed Park to be situated in Asia. The park, filled with ultimate excitement, is divided into Tomorrowland, Fantasy land, Adventure land, and Main Street USA. If you have kids, your visit to Hong Kong is incomplete if you do not go to this park. Even if you are not accompanied with children, you might want to have some fun yourself and take some of the exciting rides Disney Land has to offer.

Then, there is a famous peak with an altitude of 1810 feet called the Victoria Peak: From here tourists get a bird’s eye view of famous places such as downtown, Kowloon, and the Victoria Harbor. Tourists interested in sightseeing of exclusive pink dolphins have to visit the Lantau Island. They can reach there through a glorious ride on a cruise.

A Hong Kong visit would be incomplete without a plunge in the water: in the Water World. A miniature China is built especially for tourist at Middle Kingdom including Chinese shrines, temples, the exciting street scenes, and all the signature boutiques. You will surely have a ball of a time dipping with your friends or family and cooling your body in the exciting pools and water rides of the Water World.

The Lamma Island renders a completely different view to the tourist’s curious eye: It hosts various outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and all that you can think of while on a vacation. The specialty of Lamma Island is the glorious freshly caught seafood, which is deliciously cooked and thus a must-have. If you are looking forward to a more relaxing holiday and thinking of lazing around, then this island provides the perfect solution for you. You will find amazing spa facilities, Jacuzzis, etc. where you can sit and relax and see the beautiful ocean before you.

Moreover, for those inclined towards Buddhism a visit to the Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery is compulsory which is located in the new territories: It contains the angels of the God Buddha in different poses and sculptures in different colors. Even if you are not interested in Buddhism, it is a great site to visit. The place and statues will behold your attention.

For the sci-fi people the Hong Kong space museum must hold a great attraction for it offers hundreds of displays constituting of technologies: such as telecommunications, energy, robotics, physics and computers built with such experience that is bound to keep your interest intact. The kind of stuff this museum has can baffle even the most simple of minds.

In the glorious Hong Kong health is a major concern meaning: Everything you find would be available fresh in the Wet Market. And they mean it literally, whether its seafood, fruits, vegetables, bakery items or anything else, everything is as fresh as it looks. So, one of the positive points when visiting Hong Kong is that you do not have to worry about the quality of food. However, the cuisine offered might cause an upset stomach. So make sure your digestive system can take whatever it is you are ordering from the menu.

Moreover, Hong Kong has many other sights to interest eager tourists. These range from shopping malls to recreational places and other sites that are waiting to stupefy the visitors. Best hotels in Hong Kong for visit all this places.