Brunei celebrates thirteen public holidays in a year. Being an Islamic nation, most public vacations in Brunei are created of Islamic celebrations such as Hari Raya Aidil Adha (Eid al-Adha), Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (Eid al-Fitr), 1st Day of Muharram (Islamic New Year) and and much more. Apart from Islamic celebrations, public vacations in Brunei also involve worldwide vacation such as Christmas and New Year and also Chinese New Year.

The schedules of Brunei public holidays 2013 which are created of Islamic celebrations are depending on Islamic lunar schedule. Therefore, the observance schedules in Gregorian schedule are different from season to season. Moreover, the time of Islamic event is determined by using moon sightings, so the real date of the vacation may be declared nearby by the date of the event.

Here a list of Brunei Public Holidays 2013 Calendar is available:

New Year’s Day: 1 Jan, 2013
As many of the Eastern nations, Brunei also connects the Western parts of the world in the celebrated holiday. Furthermore celebrating the Chinese New Year, additionally they illuminate the fireworks and level the starting of the year based on the Gregorian Schedule.

Milad Un Nabi: Jan 24, 2013
People of Brunei enjoy the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad (Sm) on Jan 24. Although Muhammad he didn’t wish such level, for the prophet and his partners not doing anything special at the event for his birthday, individuals still inadequate and enjoy it.

Chinese New Year: 10 Feb 2013
As an area of the Western world, Brunei also contains the Chinese New Year’s Day in its Brunei agenda. They get involved in the 15 day long festivities, which discuss a great similarity with the European traditions. People generally keep everything bad from previous times behind them and set new wants the future year.

National Day: 24 Feb 2013
The National Day of Brunei, recognized among the residents as Brunei Darussalam, individuals yearly enjoy the anniversary of Brunei’s freedom. These festivities have happened around the whole nation since Twenty third in Feb twenty six years ago, which is the 1st day of Brunei as an independent country.

Armed Forces Day: 31 May 2013
Brunei is enjoying this vacation in respect of the Elegant Brunei Armed Forces; continue to while the nation was under the English protectorate. Individuals from the same army power were the ones who provided toward Brunei’s conversion into complete governmental freedom.

Israk Mikraj: 5 June 2013
The day is known as Night of Ascension in Brunei, is the purpose for outstanding festivities, which are done in the name of the prophet Muhammad (Sm). The immediate interpretation of its name is ‘The Night Journey’ and represents the birthday of his amazing rise to the heavens.

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri: 8 August 2013
Almost everything comes to an end and on Aug the 8th 2013, this also takes place to the most essential month in the Islamic schedule. The Islamic schedule is about two weeks smaller than the Western country uses and that is the purpose why the start and end of Ramadan are not specific one month apart.

Hari Raya Aidil Adha: 15 October 2013
This day is called The Feast of Sacrifice in Brunei. It is an international Islamic celebration, held in respect of Abraham.

Muharram: 4 November 2013
If you want to invest one season in Brunei or minimum four weeks, then this time is perfect, you will be able to enjoy several beautiful things. In the Brunei Schedule for 2013, this day is celebrated on 4 November

Christmas Day: 25 December 2013
Although the most of the Brunei’s people are Muslim, they recognize the Christian belief by enjoying and creating Christmas Day, a National Vacation. This offers you the chance to exchange presents and have the Christmas sensation, when being in the surprising atmosphere of Brunei.

Happy holidays for all people of Brunei, Best places to stay and enjoy in Brunei.

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