The Khmer New Year is one of the most essential vacations in Cambodia. Also famous in Thailand and other Buddhist nations nowadays are filled with water throwing at passers-by as well as other games. Many individuals confuse this with the Water Festival event, but then there isn’t any water throwing.

The Khmer New Year event descends from Brahmanism, an aspect of Hinduism, which was a religious belief that Khmer considered in before Buddhism. Later on Buddhism became related to the event and then took all the essential positions in the party. Khmer New Year 2013 drops on 13 Apr 2013. In 2013 this vacation will be for three days: 13-15 Apr 2013.

Although it has the similar root as Thai Songkran and generally recognized on or around the similar day, the celebration is a little bit different. It is still much based around enjoying with water, but Khmer New Year is sensed to be more sacral and not as much of an air of a celebration in contrast to Thailand’s Songkran. During the event, individuals come to road sides with relative, dance and enjoying conventional Cambodia games.

All over Khmer New Year, road corners often are populated with relative enjoying a break from the schedule, filling their spare time play and dancing. Generally Khmer games assist to maintain someone’s physical and mental dexterity.

Here is the total celebration of 3 days:

Day 1: Maha Songkran represents the end of the season before and the start of a new one. To be endowed with good luck for the season, people clean their face with sacred water in the day, and cleaning their chest area in midday, and cleaning their feet in the evening. Cambodians will dress up, and go to forehead and shrines to pay respect to Buddha and forefathers.

Day 2: On Virak Wanabat, People of Cambodia will do excellent deeds by contributing and donating to charities.

Day 3: In this day on Tngay Leang Saka, Buddhists shower the Buddha sculptures with fragrant water. People also shower their seniors to get good desires and tips.

Happy Cambodian Khmer New Year 2013 Celebrations. Find Best places and hotels to stay and enjoy with your family.