To explore Queensland’s ocean coast and to venture into the sparsely populated Outback of Australia’s far north, a camper van provides great flexibility – but at a price. Through one of the reputable motorhome firms, Britz, a week’s rental in July of a “HiTop” sleeping costs A$896 – about £500. Unless you are able to put up a bond of A$7,500 when you pick it up, you will need to factor in the A$45 daily “liability reduction” charge.
When you crunch the numbers, this works out at about £50 per person per day before you’ve driven an inch. You would certainly be financially better off hiring a car (for as little as £20 a day) and staying at some of the excellent hostels in Queensland; double rooms are easy to find at around the £30-£40 per night mark.

There are also two options to cut costs, each with a fair amount of uncertainty attached: buy a cheap camper van and sell it at the end of your trip, though you could end up losing heavily; or seek a “relocation” – delivering a camper van to a depot elsewhere in Australia. You pay a token A$1 a day and may get a fuel allowance.


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