The Euro remains insanely strong, and it’s becoming more and more challenging to find good deals on hotels in Europe.

If you haven’t traveled to Europe in quite a while, you’ll notice quite a change in hotel lodging. No longer is it easy to find a really cheap and clean hotel with baths down the hall. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. Those small, family hotels Europe was known for are disappearing rapidly, especially outside of rural areas.

At the same time hotels have been upgraded to add the in suite baths that modern, well-heeled customers demand, hostels of the world have upgraded their services as well. places to stay where you might book a private room direct, now offer a wider range of lodging, even including small apartments along with private and shared rooms, and are worth checking out for the traveler on a budget.

Make sure you check the location of your hotel carefully. You’ll want to be in the heart of the old town in most cases, saving money on a hotel and spending it on transportation is a trade-off that might not make sense. On the other hand, if you value long walks, it might not bother you to be located in a quiet(er) suburb.

Sometimes you’ll need a hotel airport for that first or last day of your European vacation. Here’s where to find sites specializing in finding Airport hotels for the traveler.


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