Money is probably the first thing to consider when yachting. Yachting in Europe can be extremely expensive. After the cost of buying a boat and expenses for maintaining it, your expenses will also include food, power, refrigeration and other yachting expenses.

The money needed for yachting can really make or break your dream of exploring the vast waters of Europe. However, some professional yachters say that yachting on a budget in Europe can be done. Here are some things that you should consider to minimise your expenditures:


For those who want to buy their own boats but are on a tight budget, looking for second hand boats is highly recommended. However, make sure that the boat is still in good condition even if it is second hand.

Also, professional yachters recommend getting loans from marine financial institutions instead of banks. Financial institutions offer smaller monthly payments and lower interest rates.


Regular checkups of your boat prevents a small problem from turning into a bigger and more expensive one. Also, do not disregard any minor problems and jut act on them when they become noticeable. Remember that the longer it takes for you to make the necessary repairs, no matter how small, the more expensive it will be.


One of the principal determinants of the cost of yachting is the cruise area. Cruising in Europe is more expensive compared to other parts of the world because of the high number of cruising permits you will need. Turkey and Croatia offers the cheapest cruising permits in all of Europe.


The length of your cruise determines how much you will spend on food. Make sure to plan out your cruise before embarking on it. If you plan to stay on the water for a considerable amount of time, it is highly advisable to take food that will last even without refrigeration.


For those who plan to take a long trip, an icebox will not do you any good for keeping your provisions fresh. Investing in a portable refrigeration system or freezer will help save money in the long run.


Installing a generator or solar panel can help a great deal to save on power consumption. Wind generators are also recommended for night trips and during the not so sunny days. Though investing in solar panels or generators can be quite expensive, the longterm benefits that they provide can make every penny count. Make sure to check on the quality of the generator or solar panel before you buy them to cut on expenses for repairs or replacements.