The traditional festival of the Chinese People’s Republic of China era in the national public holiday calendar, and holiday celebrations. Chin Ming Festival and the Year 1 January 2014 introduction of the reform years of the Labor Day calendar. Following May 1, 2014, the International Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the Mid-Autumn Festival to replace the Labor Day Golden Week public holidays included in the list, mainland China public holidays, and seven.

This is China and other countries with Confucian cultural circle the lunar New Year is the beginning of the year. China’s first lunar month of the lunar year is the beginning of the summer, Confucian, and Shinto essence of the “line” rule, meaning that the church was, and for one year on the day of the first Saint of the original cast can be described.

When the Chinese New Year 2014 is celebrated?

January 2014, when Yuan Shiva ability, in the Christian Gregorian calendar New Year’s Day, the first month of lunar calendar “days as the Lunar New Year 2014.But the usual New Year Spring Festival, Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year Dania, verbal, as in Also known as business people, New Year celebration. New Culture Movement, a new channel to promote the new Republic of Confucian culture of the government refused, the growth of the Chinese calendar “calendar (lunar, actually, funicular calendar) Four thousand years of the Han Chinese die passage, garden Pope Gregory openly use the Gregorian calendar (the Gregorian calendar), the Lunar New Year celebration is extremely trying to ban a lot has been accepted, but the private sector has failed to comply.

Chinese New Year will be observed how 2014?

In China, local customs and traditions of Chinese New Year 2014 celebrations are very different. Their money to buy from the paper, toiletries, materials, food, clothing, it will overflow. This is a tradition in every detail, from the family room, so please forgive any bad luck to sweep away the good luck. Windows and doors and red paper – “good luck” or “happiness”, “resources” and “life” and couplets will be equipped with the popular concept.

Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner is a family feast. Food pig, duck, chicken and sweet delicacies, such as was included in the project. Family night will end with firecrackers. The next morning, I hope to meet you in the red envelope of money from their parents that their children a healthy and happy New Year 2014.

The Chinese cultural sphere, the Japanese lunar January 1 primary, Meiji Restoration of Meiji 6 (1873), off to the solar calendar, the switch once, daily, lunar base will be called a celebration of old-lid, The Fall of the Western calendar, the Chinese New moth three Day national holiday, but despite this year’s activities, a custom still followed in traditional Japanese New Year on Year, New Year traditions and customs of the Christian Gregorian calendar New Year.

Okinawa prefecture, Ryukyu in the area, and the Ammo Islands, still have the old and the first months. Countries such as Korea and Vietnam, the Chinese cultural sphere, although the Second World War in the Western calendar and calendar on the switch, officials and civil society still have a New Year’s celebration. Greater China region, Korean Peninsula, the Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada and other places outside of the Spring Festival, as well as Vietnam, is the most important festival.

Chinese New Year public holidays 2014

Chinese New Year 2013 is a large Chinese population in a country, an official holiday of some observers of the region. The date for the Gregorian calendar, Chinese New Year 2013 tree waterfall every year the day of the week, the government day shift some work to make the choice of a public holiday. In addition, many other countries around the world, as the next business day New Year holiday, statutory holidays in the fall of the stock added.

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