Chinese New Year 2013 in Hong Kong is also known as Spring Festival. It is the most important traditional event for all Chinese suppliers. It is held on the first day of the year according to the lunar Chinese calendar, which is with regards to the times of the moon’s action. Chinese New Year 2013 will fall on Feb 10th in 2013. Employers in Hong Kong can appreciate three days’ holiday in Spring Festival.


Chinese New Year 2013 represents the end of the winter session. It is famous by many different nations and places like: Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, etc. with the New Year celebration of Chinese’s people. Many people will provide each other gifts to explain their love. For this festival, people enjoy a great food party and use decorative outfits. This is the big vacation for all in the country. The concept of Chinese New Year celebration is very exceptional and enjoyable for the people of all over the world.

Red is a big shade during this festival. This color is used by a large section of people. Kids obtain money from their mother and father for enjoying a fun day with different things of this color. After that a kid can celebrate a satisfied and healthy new year. Another example is that is used in the time of couplets to modify windows and gates in different variations. Along with this color shading, many of these beautifying items also include content that offers success and pleasure.

It is better to book a resort well ahead at the time when you celebrate the New Year on the China land. Hong Kong will be regular with land vacationers. The main Chinese New Year celebration parties will be over by the time you appear as a result of a change in regulation all day. It is also a public vacation, so there may be other special occasions organized. Educational institutions in Hong Kong remain close at the time of New Year celebration. So, everyone enjoys this day in a different recreational area like, Disney land and  The Ocean Park.

Celebration of Chinese New Year 2013 in Hong Kong

There are some resemblances for individuals in where you can stay and perform in China and Hong Kong in their activities of Spring Festival. Nowadays, Hong Kong people use Devonian styles instead, which have the same recommended details of Spring Couplets.

Hong Kong is known as “Food Paradise” in the world. There are lots of traditions related to food in this festival. Food of Chinese New Year’s Festival is the most essential food for everyone in a year. No matter how far they are, China tries to get back and enjoy the dinner with their close relatives. The common foods for the dinner include dumpling, Niaogao, fish, etc. One essential action after dinner is viewing the flower market.

There are many flower market in Hong Kong, among which the greatest and most popular flower market is in Victoria Park. In some non-urban places, people perform monster lantern dances. Though in that place, you have little opportunity have fun with these shows, you can appreciate the huge fireworks display in Victoria Harbour.

The most joyful people should be children who obtain fortunate cash, which is covered in red embrace. People put some cashes covered in a colorful paper under their children’s cushions to generate away a creature that children. Now children often use their fortunate cash for purchasing books, toys and games and other items they like. In the festive environment, children convene to their seniors to show their regard and advantage. China conventional traditions and contemporary stylish celebrations held in the different area, like: Lunar New Year flower markets, shopping paradise,  Wetland Park, New Year foods, etc. There is so much for you to enjoy and see.

If you want to prevent the extra crowd of large numbers, then locations like the seashores of Thailand are not the best option. A better option would be something unpopular with them, such as Cambodia or up country Thailand. You could invest a quickie 2-3 days. Chinese New Year  in Hong Kong  then goes over for the stability at Palawan or identical charming beaches.

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