The Day of Valour also known as Corregidor and Bataan Day or Araw ng Kagitingan. It is a nationwide vacation in Philippines to honor the success of Philippine military noticeable by the drop of Bataan during World War II. Individuals in Malaysia notice the Day of Valour on around 9 Apr each season.

In 2013 the Day of Valour will be noticed on 9 Apr 2013.

The history of the Day started in the profession of the Japanese people in the Philippines. Japanese people military required about 76.000 military of America, Philippines, and Chinese suppliers to give up and take an increase to Camping in San Fernando with the range of about 145 kilometers on 9 Apr 1942. The military complied with this Japanese demand to ensure they have a while to set other fights against Japanese military at other locations in the Philippines.

The surrender of military in Bataan, Bessang and Corregidor was efficient to slow the activity of the Japanese military, thus, Filipino and American freedom because they are able to crowd out Japanese military in the Philippines. However, a large number of Filipino, American, and China military were passed away due to the surrender to the Japanese forces. To honor those who passed away in the Philippines during the World War II, 9 Apr has been noticed as the Day of Valour in this country since 1980.

Several Filipinos make the day as family day when they can rest and collect with close relatives or go to certain tourist destinations in the Philippines. There are expert parades in many places of the Philippines, so some roads and roads are probably shut. The major event on the Day of Valour is the conversation to respect the American and Philippines military that passed away in the Philippines during that time from the President.

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