Devonport Cup is a remarkable horse racing event in the local community of Devonport, Tasmania. The race is organized on Wed not before 5th January and not later than 11th January every year. When this event occurs, public employees in Devonport are usually offered a day off. The Devonport Cup is the 1st of the three development carnivals accepted by FFT and conducted throughout the situation over the young soccer period.


Devonport Cup 2013 drops on Wed, 9 Jan 2013. and Devonport Cup 2014 drops on Wed, 8 Jan 2014. Although Devonport Cup is not a public holiday in the community of Tasmania, most group employees in people of Tasmania celebrated the day very much. The purpose of this holiday is to enhance the wide range of viewing the Cup.

This is quite useful since Devonport Cup is celebrated with many audiences from all genders every year. For women, it is a kind of customized to come to Devonport Cup by putting on a costume in fashionable outfits such as pumps, and caps. Devonport Cup has identified it as a top-notch public event as part of the Tasmanian Summer Rushing Circus and is the significant meeting competitors on the North West Coast. Enjoy great racing, designs, have a flutter and more fun.