A person has many milestones in life, and for some their honey moon is one of those memorable milestones. Much thought and care is given to the planning of this special vacation in your life, and the excitement prior to it can easily be very over whelming. It can be so over whelming sometimes, that you can easily forget to pack and take some travelling essentials with you. For this reason alone, we are here to help you out. Check out some of the tips we have compiled so that you may have a great and hassle free honey moon.

Dress For The Occasion:

It’s always a very good idea to carry extra clothing with you on your trip. You might be surprised to find out the ample amount of activities available at your honey moon destination. Many times you don’t foresee the need and then run short of changes later, so it is better to avoid such situations. Always carry multiple outfit changes so you are always prepared to dress for the occasion. These occasions can range from anything to a stroll at the beach, visit to the theatre, a formal dinner, or even bungee jumping and scuba diving. Planning is the key to everything.

Is It Getting Too Hot In Here?

No matter how much you’ve researched on your destination, Mother Nature might have some tricks up her sleeve. So it’s safe to say that it won’t hurt to be a little prepared. When venturing to foreign locations, always pack for climate changes that may occur. Carry moisturizers and good sunscreen lotions with you always, so as to avoid unhealthy or damaged skin. After all it’s your honey moon! You have to look stunning

Capture Those Moments:

Your honey moon is definitely one of those trips you would like to look back on and reminisce. That’s where technology steps in! Don’t forget to carry your digital camera or video camera with you. Pictures and videos of your moments spent together would always remind you of this wonderful trip. Carrying your laptop with you is also a great idea. Your pictures and videos can be safely transferred to your system and be easily accessed at the click of a mouse button.

Extra Luggage:

You might think otherwise, but carrying extra luggage with you is a smart idea. I’m not telling you to go all heavy duty in the matter but having small hand carries and totes will definitely help you on your trip. You wouldn’t want to run short of space when you’re shopping for souvenirs and gifts. Opt for small bags that can easily fit into bigger bags so you don’t have to carry too many of them.

It’s An Extravaganza:

Not many people are mostly aware that travelling cards offer amazing discounts to travelers and tourists. Travelling cards are like prepaid credit cards and offer a lot of ease and convenience when travelling abroad. Many travelling cards are rechargeable and can be reused on other trips also. You can also benefit from many offers and reward points.

Guidebook And Maps:

It’s a smart decision to do some research on your honeymoon destination. Stock up on maps and guidebooks to help you navigate on your own. It’s also a great way to find out about the hot tourist destinations and must-check sights in the area. It’s also very helpful in case you get lost and can’t seem to find your way. So be a smart trooper and stock up on maps!

Take It Easy On Your Feet:

A good pair of comfortable shoes is the most important item you can take with you. No matter what the occasion, your shoes should be very comfortable. The last thing you want to end up with on your honey moon are sore and blistered feet. So no matter where you strut, do it with comfort and style; pack at least 2 to 3 good pair of shoes to help you on your way.

First Aid Kit:

Consider packing some essential medicines and first aid tools with you on your trip. A stubbed toe or a cold should not get in the way of your honey moon bliss. Specially if you are the adventurous sort and like to be active and enjoy hiking, water sports, or seek thrill and action you should definitely carry a first aid kit and bandages with you.
Most importantly take out the time to enjoy the special moments and little things in life. Forgive, forget and live, laugh, love. Happy honey mooning!

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