Every nation has a wide range of celebrations that will be recognized in a particular season. These celebrations are recognized differently and sometimes on different periods also. There might even be periods when it is known as by different names. This calendar will explain to you all the celebrations that will be recognized in The Egypt.
Public vacations in this country are either recognized by the whole nation or by specific ethnics.  Islamic vacations are recognized throughout the nation, since Islam is the state belief. Just Christmas is recognized as a religious vocation. However, Christians are permitted and some do recognize other religious vocations. As most Islamic vacations are based on Islamic schedule and moon-sighting, thus it changes from season to season in western schedule. I am discussing below about the record of the Public Holidays in Egypt since 2013.

Christmas in Egypt: 7 Jan 2013
This Christmas is celebrated on 7th Jan. This event is recognized by the Coptics of The Egypt this day is well known as the birthday of Jesus as all other traditional chapels except of Armenian believed.

Birthday  of Prophet Muhammad: 24 Jan 2013
The birthday of the creator of Islam is recognized with excellent passion and joy in all Muslims nations throughout the globe. This occasion of Egypt is organized in the month of January. Providing sweets are a primary ritual associated with this occasion.

Labor Day in Egypt: 1 May 2013
It is recognized for the accomplishment of employees in term of public and financial.

Sham El-Nessim: 6 May 2013
This approximately converts as the first day of the spring season with an immediate interpretation of ‘sniffing the breeze’. It is recognizing the first Monday after Easter. A picnic is the typical methods of investing this nationwide vacation.

Revolution Day in Egypt: 23 July 2013
This day celebrates the anniversary of the Egyptian Royal govt along with the increase of the Republic in 1952.

Eid al-Fitr in Egypt: 8 August 2013
This religious festival which indicates the end of the holy month Ramadan period for Muslims.

Armed Forces Day in Egypt: 6 October 2013
The people of Egypt surpassed the Suez Canal during the war with Israel in 1973. Almost 30 years ago, Sadat was killed while viewing the Armed Forces Day celebration. This nationwide vacation both honors and remembers.

Eid al-Adha in Egypt: 15 October 2013
This spiritual occasion starts about 70 times after the end of holy month Ramadan and is devoted to Abraham’s compromise of a sheep in position of his son.

Islamic New Year in Egypt: 4 November 2013
This day  is the first day of the first month of an Islamic calendar.

Some other Popular Festivals in Egypt

The list of vacations described here is commonly recognized in the Egypt. Though, Government workplaces and public organizations stay start during these days.

New Year’s Day in Egypt: 1 January 2013
The 1st day of the year according to Western calender calendar. This day is celebrated with great pleasure  all over Egypt.

Revolution 25 Day in Egypt: 25 January 2013
This is one of the most important events in Egypt, following the sacking of the president, “Muhammad Hosni Mubarak.” Which was a period full of the wisdom of corruption and injustice, Which is happy day of the days all Egyptian.

Sportsmen’s Day in Egypt: 3 March 2013
This is for all sportsmen in Egypt.

Mothers’ Day in Egypt: 21 March 2013
This day is for only all mothers in Egypt.

Orphan Day in Egypt: 5 April 2013
This day to celebrate the day in order to be happy orphan children and adults, and this comes on the first Friday of the month of April.

Evacuation Day in Egypt: 18 June 2013
This recognized day represented the state of the Republic in 1953 and the elimination of international soldiers in 1956.

Egyptian Navy Day in Egypt: 21 October 2013
This was the Celebration of the feeling of Israel destroyers of Egyptian in 1967.

Victory Day in Egypt: 23 December 2013
It is a national vacation in Egypt, It is considered one of the most important times for all people of Egypt and special day for the Soldiers as it remember the excellent success of the Egypt over Israel in 06th of Oct 1973 .The war started with a massive and successful Egyptian traversing of the Suez Channel during the first three times, after which they dug in, deciding into a stalemate. The Egyptian Military put an excellent effort into finding a quick and effective way of breaking the Israeli resistance. The idea was examined and found to be a sound one, and several questionable water cannons were brought in from England and East Germany. The water cannons successfully breached the sand surfaces using water from the canal.

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