Are you Football lover? Well, if yes, this post is going to entertain you. As you all know, FIFA World Cup is an international match which is played between countries from all over the globe. Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) organizes this huge internation tournament on time in four years. The last one was played in year 2011 and now the upcoming one in year 2014. This one is going to be played in Brazil as announced by FIFA.

Brazil Is Host Nation Of FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA makes the schedule for selecting venture for any big tournament, much time before. The big tournament of World Cup which is to be played in 2014, started getting scheduled from year 2003. In year 2003, it was announced that the World Cup 2014 will be in South American nation. A detailed report of interested football countries was sent to FIFA after some time. The list included the names of Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia. Brazil was selected out of the list and is now going to host FIFA World Cup 2014.

When Is FIFA World Cup 2014?

It’s going to be 32 days tournament and residents of Brazil are really going to entertain a lot in this time period. The dates have been fixed and open ceremony of this tournament will take place on 12 June, 2014 and will end on 13 July 2014 with interesting final match.

FIFA World Cup History

As already stated, this tournament is held for one time in time span of 4 years. It has been taking place from 1930, but because of World Wars, it was not organized in the years of 1942 and 1946. 1982 was the first year in which the participants were 24 in total. Teams need to participate in qualify sessions and those who will pass, will be able to enter the World Cup Tournament 2014. As per the rules of FIFA, the country which hosts the tournament, need not to participate in the qualifying sessions. So Brazil is free from any qualifying session.

Venues Of FIFA World Cup 2014

When the name of Brazil was selected to host the FIFA World Cup 2014, then it was suggested that 10 cities wil bbe selected in Brazil to host all the matches of tournament. Brazil Football Federation propose the list of 12 cities and all were selected. So now 12 cities will be used to host this huge World Cup Tournament 2014 in Brazil.

List of Stadiums and Host Cities of 2014 FIFA World Cup

So are you ready to get entertained in the World Cup 2014. Don’t worry about your stay there as Brazil has got many beautiful hotels in it. For your ease, here is the list of best hotels in Brazil.

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