The Lunar New Year is identified by periods of the moon and for that reason the schedules are moving, each year beginning on the new moon which happened to the Jan or Feb of the European Schedule. It is famous by many others besides the China.

The 1st day of the lunar year is the ‘Lunar New Year.’ There are 12 lunar months in the season and by meaning the nights the 1st day of the month is the pitch-dark nights the month. As the evening time success, the moon turns into bigger until the 15th of the month.

Different nations identify different titles of Lunar New Year. It is known as Chinese New Year in China, Korean New Year in Korea, Japanese New Year in Japan,  Imlek in Indonesia, Losar in Tibet, Vietnamese New Year in Vietnam, Tsagaan Sar in Mongol, and many other titles in different nations. In 2013 Lunar New Year falls on 10 Feb 2013, until 24 Feb 2013.

Lunar New Year is famous by China and China descendants in many nations around the world. Yet, the main party occurs in some China where a significant number of Chinese people live. Individuals enjoy the event by cleaning the house and beautify it with many red decorations such as paper banners and lanterns.

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