Whether you are in relationship or not, Valentine’s day is special for you. The day of Valentine can be stressful an annoying or romantic and unforgettable as well, which solely depends on your plan. You can spice up your valentine day by being romantic with your partner. This upcoming valentine day can be the most happiest day of your life. So let’s have a look to have sexy time this valentine’s day.

1. Massage With Home Made Oil

Massage has always been the best way to get relief. But if you are a girl, then you must be familiar with the fact that most of guys don’t like to get massage with market oils. So you must be ready with home based solution. You can easily make home made oil by mixing up some kinda oils. Try to add something good smelling substance in the oil to attract your partner to get romantic with you.

2. Cook Something Special By Wearing Something Special

Your boyfriend  will not likely to get romantic with you as long as you don’t give reasons to him. Don’t go straightforward either. The best way is to cook something special for your boyfriend is by wearing something special. By wearing something special I mean, to wear so that Boyfriend wants to take you in his arms. Wearing apron while cooking something is recommended as it had shown good effects in the Girl’s Sex Appeal study.

3. Move It To Bathroom

Surprised?? But it is good way to get romantic with your partner on this valentine day. Best way to start is by going for bath in bathroom and then forgetting something outside, say towel. Then asking the towel to your partner outside and taking his/her arms into your hands to take him/her bathroom. Then the real romance will start and the moments lived in the bathroom with your partner, will make this valentine sexy and something impossible to forget about.

4. Be Flirty From Your Side

Don’t wait everything to start from your partner’s side. Be flirty from your side as well. Try to flirt your partner on every possible chance. Don’t go with Valentine’s card only. Make it Valentine’s card with some great flirty quotes written on it and Yes don’t forget to give it the touch of your lips to make the card more romantic.

5. Go Of  Side

Going on a tour on this valentine’s day is the best way to live this valentine’s day more sexy. You can go for the beautiful places in Asia. This will surely enhance your mood and will make you and your partners to stay romantic for whole day. You can enjoy the new places on this special day with having your partner in your arms. Can you expect heaven to be better than this?  For your convenience I am writing the best places of Asia along with the hotels list. Valentine’s day is coming near day by day and you must register hotel for you now.

Best Place’s Hotels In Asia

# Bangkok – Thailand
# Singapore – Singapore
# Hong Kong – Hong Kong
# Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
# Bali – Indonesia
# Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam