Establishment Day 2013

The Hong Kong Special Management Region is also called the Hong Kong Establishment Day. It is a public holiday and a significant aspect of the People’s Republic of China. In 2013, it will be celebrated on 1 July 2013 and it also in same date every year. Since this country has the position of being a Unique Administrative Area of China, they have their private public vacations that are controlled by a General Holidays Ordinance (GHO).


The British had adopted Hong Kong’s areas from China in 18 hundreds of years through 3 separate agreements in 1842, 1860, 1989. On the other hand then British passed over HongKong back to China by a handover event at night of 30 June, 1997 to 1 July, 1997.


The govt of Hong Kong then made the decision July 1 as a public vacation moreover to the present holidays controlled in the Holidays Regulation of Hong Kong. This holiday represents the organization of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China with ‘one nation, two systems’ concept.


The vacation is recognized in Hong Kong with fireworks reveals, parades, and light shows but it is also a time for governmental rallies. A fireworks show arranges on Victoria Harbor to enjoy the event on 1 July. Several people get involved in a formal flag-raising event showing the icon of the People’s Republic of China and Hongkong. Conventional artistry such as drumming and monster dancing performance also brighten the weather of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day.

Since its beginning, the holiday has presented governmental rallies protesting against the China govt, challenging the security of independence of conversation and worldwide suffrage. The excitement and the governmental tension bring residents and visitors into Hong Kong’s city center in groups.