How much to tip? Still confused? Hold on for a while and go through our guidelines.

As the festive occasions such as Christmas come around the corner, the shopping spree gets faster. All around the world, this spending on shopping goes hand in hand with tipping.

Holiday tip can, at times, be in the form of a gift or cash. It can be anything given with grace and respect. The cash tip is usually considered as a gesture of kindness. A New York doorman commented that the tips that they got made for a lot and helped them get through in these harsh economic times.

For instance, St.Louis-based letter carrier William Lister received cookies as a tip and he took it as an appreciation from his boss because he had served all around the year. This not only boosted his confidence but also motivated him to work more eagerly.

People are usually aware of who will tip and who can afford to tip. Not everyone who can afford to tip, tips you. Certain people, even after knowing that he/she needs to be given a tip still deny their need pretty easily. Some employees claim that there are people who promise to come back. They realize that a tip is rightly deserved but escape it by saying they’ll drop by later.

As far as child care and the education sector is concerned, you can tip them along with their usual pays either by giving them a small gift from the child or cash by putting an increment or bonus in their pay. People always remember who tipped them and who didn’t which often tends to affect their services towards you. A small increment or gift after certain tenure does no harm at all, in fact it does the opposite.

Holiday tips generally depend on the type of holiday or occasion. You can tip your maids, gardeners, hairdresser, garbage collectors, coaches, apartment services, lift men, dog walker, cleaners, newspaper carrier, milkman, grocery man, etc. You can give them more money on some occasions or fulfill some of their needs.

As a general rule, you should always give tip to someone who has been working for you for at least a year and with whom you also interact on a day to day basis. These people do deserve tips after such hard work especially at the time of holidays. Make sure you tip them before a certain occasion or holiday comes up so they can also prepare for the big day beforehand. You cannot delay their tips as prolonging it will only reduce their chances of utilizing it.

However, tipping is never required. It may be expected as a reward for excellent services in some situations but you cannot always be expecting it. People should follow their heart according to their pocket.

If you are on a vacation, the rules change. Since you will not be staying on a vacation for a year, you don’t have to wait that long to tip. Usually if you have hired a baby sitter, it would be a good idea to give a small gift along with her pay. On the other hand, if you are taking along a full time nanny to take care of your kids, it is a good idea to give a small amount of money on your vacation so she can have a little fun of her own while you are spending some quality time with your kids. If you intend to leave your kid at a day care center, you could give a small end at the end of your vacation. This gift would obviously be from your kid.

Now coming to your transport service, if you hire a limousine service, giving a $20-$50 tip is good enough. However, if you are traveling in your own car, you can tip $10-$20 to the parking attendant when you go to a restaurant or someplace where there are paring attendants. A waiter also deserves your tip, especially if he has provided you with an excellent service. A tip in the same range would be good enough for him.

These are some of the tips that you should give while you are travelling. However, do not squander all your money on tips. Make sure your budget allows all these tips.