Packing light is a skill that is not something everyone can master. But just like everything else, if you get the right technique and learn it well, you can almost always enjoy a comfortable and well stocked journey. Following are a few tips to become the best packer.

Try and pack as many multipurpose clothes as you can. If you can pack more versatile clothes, you will have lesser clothing articles to carry with you as they will serve for many outfits. The same goes for shoes and other items, keep them versatile and try to go for multipurpose articles.

Keeping your choice focused on picking clothes that have a similar color scheme and design can help you make the best out of your mobile wardrobe that holds limited options. The favorable designs could include patterns that are not very complicated in nature, patterns such as horizontal or vertical lines and dots that match in color with the color scheme chosen for the rest of the clothes.

Having a list made for the items that you intend to pack normally helps out a lot. Not only does it help you have account of everything that needs to go in, also you can critically analyze, revise and make changes to it by replacing and swapping heavy and bigger items with those that occupy less space and are lighter.

Before you have to leave for your destination, lay out all the items in front of you and see if you are missing something. You should also try out the dresses to be sure that you are not making wrong decisions about your travel wardrobe. This is also because you may not have the privilege of having a full length mirror to see if your outfit matches well.

Bring a good bunch of clothes with you so that you would not run out of dresses and plan ahead for how you will take care of the laundry business.

Try to go for as much light weight options as you can. This will be greatly aided if you opt for clothing that is made of lighter materials than the hundred percent pure ones. A few examples of such material could be modal, viscose, rayon, tencel and cotton blends. This will help you keep your bag light and carry a greater number of clothing items. It will also help you in drying the light weight material clothes faster.

Keep the heavy weight items to be worn on your day of travel, this will allow for a lighter luggage and one that is well managed. Wearing heavier clothing on the day of travel will also get you to carry your precious boots and coats and such items in a more convenient manner. This way you would also get to take more things with you as you will have more space in your bags. You would not only get to take your favorite things with you, but also you would have a comfortable and easy journey. The same relatively heavier items can be used for your journey back home.

Go for clothing options that would help you stay warm or cool according to the climatic condition of the part of world you would be travelling to. It is also a pro to check the weather forecast before you chose to leave for your destination.

Choose smartly while deciding the accessories that you would be carrying with you. Accessories magically change and affect your outlook and outfit. A simple bracelet or a pair of sun glasses would bring a change in your appearance.

Pack things that would carry out a double role during your travel ventures. You can do this with your make up and toiletry items.

Make sure that you don’t take a heavy hand bag with you. This may seem very obvious but often the thought that you have already packed a lighter luggage may trick you into packing things that “you may” need in your hand bag. Be precise and follow the list. Try to keep your hand bag as light as you can.

In order to adopt permanent light traveler characteristics, keep analyzing and evaluating your travel checklist. You may want to cancel a few things out and make your luggage even lighter for the next trip.