China is hungry Ghost Festival holiday. In honor of this day with 2012 will be celebrated. The first month, 15 days, the seventh Chinese Taoist ceremonies, traditional festivals and celebrations for the evening. Seventh of the first 15 “Ghost Day” on the lunar months, the whole month, “Ghost Month” is known. This day will be observed in the 01′s in more abundance. What we call the United States with a line of hungry Chinese Ghost Festival – sometimes as the “Mexico’s” Dead Day “, sometimes known as” the soul of the festival. Chinese Buddhism and the “Ghost Festival.” Is called. The hungry Ghost Festival, heaven, hell, and the country’s three regions of the world more open and alive. Because of this, it is easy to communicate, and respect, and this Ordinance, the treatment more effective, more powerful.

Ching Ming Festival (Jie Ching Ming), living and dead, to pay homage to former clients. Hungry Ghost Festival (Zhongyuan Jie) in reverse: paying the exhilaration of Access – a guest. The best places to see in a traditional ceremony in the heart of Singapore’s soul, the local believers to burn joss sticks and roasted milk in their products, such as, prayer, as presented, such as orange, the implementation of fruit concentrate used as a food pig, rice, and occasionally with local Chinese, please for the purpose of breaking the bowl.

During this period, various forms of the tent open field is set to Chinese, it is not uncommon for the terrible live performances is not only the God of heaven and the goddess Greta wow Yang, submitted to the next handsome and gentle, but vice stations, up to a local nasal, dressed in the spandex the flexibility feline the comedy song and dance number and pole dancing, dancers and even sensory acrobatic various Chinese dialects.

Best things in Hungry Ghost Festival?

Everyone in the queue, which is in front of the “special guests” reserves the sit-in to watch. The festival is at home and abroad – all believers has set up a special paper, the afterlife, all larger than the cost of the project, incense and candles and cardboard boxes. Outside the home of a small altar, in the property aspects of public and private housing.

The large puppet theater, opera and singing performances will cost thousands of dollars a mixed holiday, and in a variety of ways, constantly wandering spirit sank impressive, usually to the opposite like in Chinatown Festival, Red Hill and Bud on the side – so, if you do this, we check and lose the real local experience, is a dangerous feeling.

Hungry at the same time, Ching Ming Festival, Ghost Festival in goods, including:. Incense, paper money (money spirit “or” ghost “), food, wine and tea, as well as his and other valuables when they live in the empty tomb Ancestral Ghost Festival, Ching Ming Festival promoting the grave goods. Traditionally, if a family dinner Table empty seats, they honor their dead ancestors on the left, preparing the way for a second. Share life and death, you can sit and eat together.

China, as well as in many countries of the world. Not only will the 2012 holiday in China will be celebrated. China will celebrate this day too that. All people have to wait for the hungry Ghost Festival holiday in China.

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