Something amazing residents and visitors of Norway can see in a ski resort of Geilo. It is here every year is held the most extraordinary festival – Ice music festival. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that all musical instruments are made of pure ice. Scene festival is also made of ice.

The most interesting was the fact that the sound of ice tools as stunningly beautiful as standard, made of wood and metal, and some sounds even better sound. Composer Turley Isungset, being the organizer of the festival said that the tools of the lake ice sound louder than from the sea, and sometimes may sound differently ice from the same pond, taken in different years.

Game color spotlights in artfully carved blocks of ice, will impress you with its beauty. All instruments musicians do their own a few hours before the festival, so they do not accidentally melted, although the risk is very small, because the air temperature is typically less than -10 degrees Celsius.
Concert ticket costs about 200-300 NOK, which is about $ 40.?


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