Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important Chinese holiday. Beijing, this day is observed as the holiday and Beijing celebrate the days. This day will be observed in 2013. That China is known as the Spring Festival. West of the lunar New Year Festival and the Christmas and New Year ushers in the New attended the same person. From sun up to sun down, this is a time when you shoot yourself in the country to celebrate and eat.

Legend is that, once on a time, a monster called Nina the Chinese Village in the spring, eat anything that came his way was attacked – people, animals, plants, and the odd building. In spring, the villagers of red paper on their doors and hung on a bamboo chore when incoming fire. Bright colors and loud crackling of the burning monster bamboo is so startled by the noise that it is the proven and fled.

Chinese people are the signs and red paper lanterns outside their homes, and New Year’s Eve lop Fired enjoy the loud noises. Firecrackers are replaced and the timber after the powder found in the original concept and louder, the better. Leading up to the Spring Festival, every family on New Year’s Day itself are wide-ranging sweep away years of good luck can be as thorough and fair. Dishes broken or sharp object to use as possible of the devil.

Chinese families in their homes a thorough cleaning. Wash away the dirt on the practice of ninyabaatbut ninny’s Cantonese saying, is not limited to the 28thday. Cleaning off the sweeps, last year, unfortunately, good luck in their homes and are willing to admit. Brooms and dust pans open to the first day not yet come off good luck.Paper cutouts of Chinese auspicious phrases and couplets with homes are often decorated. New clothes, shoes, and get a hair cut and mark a fresh start to buy. Business year, New Year’s Eve before the payment of all outstanding loans, extend their gratitude for the loan.

Therefore, it is a gift, and business partners, and extended family members to send a common practice to give away. Will be replaced by new equipment. A small amount of Taoists and Buddhists) Also, an example of God Zao Jun, the family to take action recorder will be subject to burn the effigy of the paper. Family candy-sweet foods as often as “bribes” to report about the family of the gods to provide a good thing.

Reunion dinner before, last year thanks to the safe passage of the resolution request. Confucians have the opportunity to remember ancestors, and those who were before them a lot of respect for life. Event, the biggest Chinese New Year’s Eve reunion dinner. Fish, a dish of Chinese family will be shown on the table. For New Year’s dinner show. The West is comparable to Christmas dinner. In northern China, it’s almost code after eating dumplings at midnight dinner. Dumplings symbolize wealth because their shape looks like a Chinese teal. South coming New Year break with the code as a sticky New Year gifts to relatives and friends on the cake resistance.

Family holiday, a time for celebration, and nearly every university students or migrant workers staying at the heads. It’s like the whole country at this time anyway, whether at home or on the long weekend to take advantage of it to do some traveling. New Year’s Eve, my family has been gathered; the food is a central consideration. Delicacies are often eaten as a large number of fish and the fish are surplus to the Chinese word for a homophone is.

Children especially enjoy the custom of the red envelopes. Envelopes containing the money and gifts from family elders by the young unmarried relatives are distributed. Beijing all people waiting for Chinese Lunar New 2013.

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