It’s 7th month of the year 2012 is going on and all have started planning for the next year 2013. If you are from Japan, then this post is going to help you for sure as I am going to list the public holidays in 2013 in Japan. These were arranged by Public Public Holiday Law of 1948. Talking about the holidays arranged by the law, there are 15 official public holidays in Japan. But as Japan is rich in culture and tradition, so many other festivals are celebrated every year.

Other than these holidays, the law is also set that if there are any two national holiday alternative, then the day between them is also holiday which is labeled as citizen’s holiday. Also if there is any holiday on Sunday, then there is rule of transfer holiday. So all these holidays add up in the list and take the count of 15 holidays to a big no.

Let’s have a look at the Japan Public Holidays 2013.

The first holiday comes with the starting of year. It’s official National holiday and is announced every year. The date for this is obviously 1 January 2013 and day is Tuesday.

20 is the age after which a new set of life starts. The thinking changes completely and new thoughts and ambitions come in mind. To encourage the young reaching the age 20, this holiday is announced. The date for this 14 January 2013 and day is Monday.

To welcome the spring in Japan, this is celebrated at the beginning of same. The date for this in year 2013 is 3 February 2013 and day is Sunday.

It is announced to celebrate and reflect the foundation of nation. Monday 11 February 2013, is day and date for it.

A day to represent love and love only. The young boys and girls propose each other and start new life of love. In the Year 2013, it’s going to be held on 14 February 2013.

It’s going to be on 3 March, 2013 and is celebrated by families having one girl child.

It is celebrated right after 1 month of Valentine’s day. On this day men and boys give chocolates, sweets and gifts to their wives and girlfriends. For this, the date in new year 2013 is 14 March 2013 and day is Thursday.

To motivate others to contribute in the nature’s health, this is announced. 20 March 2013 is going to be date for this in the upcoming year 2013.

To reflect the event of Showa period, this day is announced. The date and day for this is 29 April 2013, Monday.

This is the day when the whole Japan thank the nature for its blessings. 5 May 2013 is the date in the upcoming year.

As the name suggests, this is the day to do something great for the progress of children and their happiness. 5 May 2013 is date, which is also end of Golden week in Japan.

This is festival to honor our ancestors. 13 to 15 July is date for it in  2013.

It’s the day to celebrate the long life of senior citizens. Date 23 September 2013.

A day to enjoy sports and to work for good health. 14 October 2013.

It’s day to enjoy the rich culture of Japan and to promote it in the new generation. Date 4 November 2013.

  • Seven-Five-Three Festival

It’s festival for the children who have aged 3, 5 or 7.  Date 15 November 2013.

A day to say thanks to hard working laborer. 23 November 2013.

A day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 25 December 2013.

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That’s it!!!!

We can’t guarantee the full accuracy of list and it may get changed at any time. As of time of writing this article, this information is up to date and accurate.

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