Koh Samui is a must visit place if you are looking for a cheap beach resort.

Here are 7 tips for visiting Koh Samui:

Flights. There is a money saver tip to flying into Koh Samui; the first and last flight on Bangkok Air to Koh Samui offers an almost 50% savings than flying at other times throughout the day.

Transportation. One of the best ways to see Koh Samui is by renting a moped for around B100 per day. On a moped you are free to stop at whatever strikes your fancy, as there is so much to see and do on this island.

You can also rent a car which is a more manageable option for people that have a party of 2 or more on their trip.

Drivers are known to take advantage of tourists and charge exorbitant fees for a short ride so renting a moped or car is your most cost effective and adventurous way to see Samui.

Ferry. If you have a car (rental or otherwise) you can get to Samui by using the ferry in Don Sak. There are currently two ferry companies running, and I recommend using Seatran company as they have newer and more reliable ferries.

Beaches. Koh Samui has so much more to offer than beautiful beach lounging. However, if you are a beach goer, you will not be disappointed by visiting the beaches of Choengmon, Nathon, Maenam and middle Lamai.

On hot days, trek out to the beach later in the day when the heat has lessened making beach going more enjoyable.

In April and May, you may spot a rare happening on the beaches in Khun Nong. The endangered species of green turtles and the Hawsbill turtles have returned to Samui to nest after 21 years.

Elephants. A search on the internet will provide the usual tourist attractions for Koh Samui but there are many other places and things to go and do while in Samui. You can ride elephants and swim in the waterfall in Baan Namuang.

You can also watch elephants walk through the streets in Khao Lak and take advantage of the many photo ops with baby elephants.

Water Buffalo fighting. Buffalo fighting is a Samui experience and an exclusive Thai event that most people want to visit at leastsamui-sunset once. This is vastly different than other types of animal fighting you may be used to and is a much more calm of an event.

The Samui tradition is to treat the buffalo well and keep them healthy and happy. No killing occurs during or after these fights. The buffalo are sprinkled with holy water and blessed before the event.

There are 4 stadiums you can visit: Bang Makham, Maenam, Lamai, and near Bang Rak.

Rum. Make sure you visit Thai’s only rum factory in Ban Thale. The rum is extracted from sugar cane and is bottled neat or with real fruit juice added. The place is located in a beautiful setting where there is a small bar to sample to various rums.

Thai law forbids labels to be printed in other language. Look for the picture of the fruit you want to buy if you are interested in the fruit infused rum.

Koh Samui’s reputation as being a “gentleman’s place” has given way to a more family friendly atmosphere as tourist popularity increases.