Macau Grand Prix is a movement – Racing in Macau Special Administrative Region of China, is an annual event. This is the only street circuit racing event, known as motor vehicles and motor events to be held. Every year, hundreds of racers and riders – race and class struggle, single-sweaters, touring cars and motorcycles. Macau Formula Three Grand Prix weekend, race, which has one of the highlights of many countries around the world of Formula 3 Championship drivers.

Because the circuit, fast straight stretch car at the end of the 1275 km / ?171 mph top speed, you can connect, tight corners and the nature of the challenge, is the world’s most famous Macau the LAN Prix compromise the collapse of the barrier known as a difficult circuit. Many current or former Formula One drivers to participate in the early years of his career have won prestigious awards. Including the famous winner Ricardo Parse, Sienna, Schumacher, David Courtyard, Ralf Schumacher and Takuma Sato.

What is the history of Macau Grand Prix?

Macau Grand Prix in 1954 was conceived as a city street near a treasure hunt, but I soon found that the finding of the track to a professional for the local motor racing enthusiasts can offer to host the event. Race as an amateur race in 1966, when the Belgian driver of a car by Mauro Bianchi Renault, mostly from Hong Kong to promote Renault’s image has continued to enter the race. This also led the team entering the professional Grand Prix.Motor race in 1967, and the start of the year, tragedy struck the first serious was a double champion lost control and crashed the car Dodgier Laurel when he was killed. This is more for the security of nations raised alarm. The Gaea touring car race held in 1972. Macau’s Gaea Race for touring cars in this category for a particular race, such as a car with a few horses racing is held on the street circuit. The nation’s recent official visit since the 2005 World Championship with two rounds to fit the car has become.

How is the Macau Grand Prix?

In 1983, it was the organizers that the formula became obsolete from the Pacific Ocean, the three events will be held on by a nation was decided. Initially, they wanted an F2 race competition, but they change on a large circuit, which includes cutting down trees to be reluctant, entrepreneurs settled in F3. This turned out to be the right decision, given that, then it is the best young drivers from Europe and Japan to compete in the event of a reputation for attracting the world of motor sport has to be raised. The first F3 race was won by young Argon sienna.

In 1990, the race was a memorable one, such as Michael Schumacher and Mika Hackney in a controversial incident when they were introduced in position 1 and 2 were involved in the final lap. Mandarin Oriental, only after the main straight, curved space, the Shoemaker formed a “brake check” and Hackney and Schumacher crashed out of the car hit the back when he attempted to overtake him. Schumacher’s car was able to maintain contact with a broken rear wing, and finally the best time lump sum contest. Other notable winners Formula One driver David Courtyard, Ralf Schumacher and Takuma Sato are included. F3 from the introduction of horse racing, more slowly, such as Macau GP Formula One GP2 Series as a stepping stone for drivers F3 class air racing competition has become.

Macau Grand Prix in 2012 will be how to play?

Macau Grand Prix race weekend is Friday and Saturday, usually starting at the end of the second week or third week of November. Usually set to be qualified to practice and the first two days (Thursday and Friday). All games on Saturday and Sunday, and the Macau Formula Three Grand Prix Heavyweight Grand Prix Gaia Race is set for the year 2012, the recent World Championships the last two travel utility vehicle), the final judgment day. Macau Formula Three Grand Prix and the Gaia Race, and the Macau Formula Three Grand Prix champion was recently approved by the Intercontinental Cup, all is provided. Horse racing is held during a race weekend in addition to the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix weekend, because it’s Super bike World Championship, the highlight of a former or current Riders. Other sources of Pacific people, who experienced a cup of local telecommunications, and Hong Kong Winterport novice drivers for the action movie, with like horse racing.

Macau Grand Prix event in 2012

2012 In the new game tuner market, Macau GT GT3 Cup cars, compact cars popular joke has been known as the Road Sport Challenge. In the past, but the race was held outside the sports car, Formula Renault, Porsche Carr era Cup Asia’s game, played with ATCS for local motorcycle competition has been prevented, and the ways of the past, but the super women’s professional race car driver and Mitsubishi Celebrity Bowl and cooperation, a more frequent basis, through competition, Jackie Chan, Chen, with the driver involved in a sponsorship agreement.

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