China, a beautiful country with highest population in the world is best known for its rich heritage, people, great enthusiasm and beautiful places. If you are planning to pay a visit to China, then I must tell you that you are on the right move. The China is place of fun, excitement and enthusiasm. It adds up more in the list when there are holidays and festivals.

In this post, I am up with the list of festivals celebrated in China. So let’s have a look at it.

Spring Festival

First festival after the start of new year is, Spring Festival. It’s celebrate all over the China with great enthusiasm. In the past years, when people of China were using Lunar calendar, Spring Festival was announced as New Year day. The festival is celebrated in all major and small cities of China. Most of people like to go for food outside. The great rush for the dinner, at the hotels can be seen easily. After having dinner people love to enjoy with their families and then on the next day ‘New Year’ call is wished to every friend and relative. Various traditional activities can be seen during the Spring Festival.

Lantern Festival

This festival is celebrated on the 15th of Lunar month. Sweets are tasted and distributed among the friends. The whole county fell into the environment of fun and happiness only. It has been celebrated for many years and still great spirit and traditional activities can be noted among the people of China.

Pure Brightness Day

This falls on 5th of April every year. The people form all the corners of China gathers together and pay tribute to their ancestors. They remember their ancestors on this day and pay tribute to the dead soul. The cool weather play an awesome role to add up more in fun. People go to outside to enjoy along with the family. Many people can be found in parks, walking on grass, flying kites.

Dragon Boat Festival

This festival is celebrated to remember the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. It’s celebrated in whole China with great enthusiasm and people gather to pray for the peace of soul of that great poet. On this day, many people love to take their boats in local rivers and throw the sticks with rice as a traditional activity.

Mid-Autumn Festival 

It’s celebrated on the 15th of 8th Lunar month. Pastries known as “moon cakes” are distributed in the whole city and people love to taste them by gathering at one place.

Double Ninth Festival

It’s also known as Chong Wang festival. The chrysanthemum is used for medicines there and people strictly believe that it’s very good for health and can be helpful to stay away from many diseases. People love to enjoy chrysanthemum cakes on this day. The 9 is the highest digit and it plays a major role in festival history of China. On the 9th of 9th lunar month, people gather at one place to pay their respect to elders and elders enjoy a lot on this day. This day is also tagged as China’s Day for the Elderly.

So it was the list of some major festivals in China. Hope you find it useful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. More information about China Public Holidays Calendar.

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