Makha Bucha is also called M?gha P?j? of Tabaung. It is a Buddhist event recognized on the full moon day on the 3rd months in lunar schedule. The event is famous yearly in Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Laos to honor the veneration of Buddha.

It remembers two separate activities that happened on the similar date from 45 years apart. The first occasion was the arriving together of 1,250 priests from all places and guidelines, to fulfill and be ordained by the Buddha.

In Gregorian schedule, Makha Bucha generally drops on Feb. However, due to various date computations between lunar schedule and Gregorian schedule, the date of this festival in the Gregorian calendar keeps modifying from season to season. Makha Bucha 2013 drops on 24 Feb 2013. and Makha Bucha 2014 drops on 14 Feb 2014.

The origin of the party dates back to about 2,500 decades ago when Buddha provided sermons to his disciple. That day, there were 4 excellent activities occurring 9 months after the Impressment of Buddha.

Makha Bucha is a national vacation in Thailand, Laos, Burma and Cambodia, so most individuals in this nation appreciate a day off on that day. Many individuals use the day to check out temples and do excellent deeds according to Buddha’s training, to do what is excellent, and detoxify someone’s thoughts.

In Thailand, Makha Bucha is recognized by having a candle light procession. In this occasion, priests and associate members keep blossoms, incense and lit candle lights before strolling around the ordination area for three periods clockwise. During this Day, some Buddhists in Thailand bring out Rub Sil and Tum Boon custom. Tum Boon is the custom of viewing temples to make benefit of doing unique observance and becoming a member of Buddhist actions while Rub Sil’ is a custom to exercise relaxation and psychological self-discipline by remaining in a forehead while dressed in white-colored gowns for a short time.

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