Despite most of the celebrations being determined with a particular cultural or spiritual team, celebrations are often attended by all Malaysians. One example of this is the festivals of Kongsi Raya which is used when Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Puasa coincide. The Kongsi Raya was created because of the likeness between the Kongsi and the Chinese New Year greeting of Gong xi fa CAI. In the same way, the portmanteau Deepa Raya was created when Deepavali and Hari Raya Puasa coincided.

Malaysia has the highest numbers of public holidays in the world, position number seven in the top ten nations after Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Some vacations are government gazette public holidays and some of these are noticed by individual declares. Other celebrations are noticed by particular religious or cultural categories. The main holiday of each major religion are public holidays, developing on either the western calendar.

3 Feb 2012: 1st Day of Chinese New Year

House and roads are designed with lamps and symbols of the New Year, houses are washed, clothes used and financial obligations are resolved. Family members and friends for meals and in the roads you can see lion dances and firework shows.

15 Feb 2012: Birthday of Prophet Muhammad

This event is organized by Muslims it is also known as Maulidur Rasul, the day starts with prayer, morning meal and then gatherings in arenas, or city squares where official activities are organized Presentations are given, pantomimes conducted, awards handed out and wishes are provided. Then there is a procession with songs and dancing in the roads.

1 May 2012: Labor Day 

A festival of the advance created over the years in the area of laborer’s rights both culturally and over the counter. This day is sometimes noticeable with a procession but otherwise family members rest and invest time with each other.

4 June 2012: Malaysia King’s Birthday

On this festival the king officiates at many events for such as, in Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur the king inspects the soldiers. There are activities of the army group and a trooping of the main celebration is organized in the capital.

30 & 31 Aug 2012: Hari Raya Puasa 

Here Muslims indicate the end of the month of Ramadan, this event is also known as Eid. People visit the graves of their forefathers, pray for them in the mosques. As the event is over 2 days many come back to their hometowns for this long vacation. The Prime Minister of the country maintains an open home for guests at his formal property and other open home activities are organized.

16 Sept 2012: Malaysia Day 

This festival organizes by the Malaysian Federation of Malaysia, Northern Borneo, Singapore and Sarawak which occurred in 1963. Flags of this country are flown in the roads there are events and parades as the people add out onto the roads and the main squares. This celebration is open for people, where authorities observe and songs and dance are conducted. There are also parades, the best known being the Merdeka Parade.

26 Oct 2012: Deepavali 

It is mainly an Indian festival is organized by visiting close relatives particularly the elderly and the Indians welcome non-Hindus into their houses. Firecrackers are let off in the roads and followers visit the temples for praying. Small lighting is lighted to celebrate the triumph of good over wicked.

6 Nov 2012: Hari Raya Qurban

The Event of Compromise celebrates Abraham’s desire to do as God informed him and sacrifice his son Ishmael who was substituted by a sheep for the sacrifice instead. From that time, Muslims sacrifice a cow, goat or sheep. Prayer is an integral aspect of this festival.

27 Nov 2012: 1st day of Muharram

This festival is celebrated on the first day of the Islamic calendar and during the first month it is banned to fight. There are spiritual events, religious meetings, lectures, special prayers and activities as well as singing. The day also remembers the Prophet Muhammad’s trip from Mecca to Medina. On this day in Malaysia there is also a prize provided to someone who has contributed to Islam.

25 Dec 2012: Christmas Day

It is a festival for Christian which is celebrated on the day of the birth of Jesus. This day is marked by spiritual services in chapels, the trading of gifts and Christians decorate Christmas trees in their houses.

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