Malaysia’s multi-ethnic history is so unique, it is dubbed ‘Asia in miniture’. Most of these cultural elements are distinctively individual but some have crossover components. 

Traditional art like fabric weaving and silver -smithing hark back to the days of the Malay Sultans of yester-years. Folk music feature local and foreign touches, namely Persian and Arabian. Performing arts and shadow puppet like the wayang kulit were born with Indian influences, while elaborate costumes, hair and make-up are hallmark of Chinese opera.

Asia is home to 3.9billion people or slightly more than half of the world population of 7 billion. The region’s 48 countries and myraidcultures reflect and project an amazing profusion of colours, scents and sounds which is intense and ethereal at the same time It is a celebrationof diversity and dynamism, and nowhere is this more stridently feted than in Malaysia.

With a population of 28million comprising three ethinic groups-Malay, Chinese and Indian-as well as representations of virtually every other cuture native to the region and beyond. Malaysia’s claim to be ‘Truly Asia’ is no empty boast. It is a proud heritage that dates back to the 16th century.

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