Andong Folk Village Home of the Mask Festival

Andong is a small city in the South-east corner of the country. It’s famous for food and right near the train station is a food street where deliciousness awaits you at every turn. The highlight of the city is the “Hahoe Folk Village.” They are famous for the mask dance that happens every weekend and their 2 week long festival they hold every year in the fall. The best part is that you can sleep overnight in the village in one of the traditional houses.

#1 Andong Travel Tip: While you can visit Andong during the mask festival, I find it more enjoyable to visit the city at other times. It’s less busy, but much more peaceful and relaxing. Plus, you won’t have a hard time with traffic or finding accommodation.

#2 Andong Travel Tip: Be sure to try some “Andong Jimdalk” (spicy soy-sauce chicken). It’s their famous specialty and super-delicious!