Because of the fact that Mauritius is a modern as well as a multi – religion nation, public vacations in this nation mainly contain spiritual and conventional celebrations. Mauritius observes Hindu, Christian, China, and Islamic celebrations as its public vacations every season. The other holidays are worldwide vacations and the one local conventional occasion. It is really amazing to find the Mauritian different cultures. Every culture has their customs, values and their celebrations. Whenever you have the opportunity to be present at such an event, do not skip it. The belief systems found in Mauritius are mainly Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Buddhism. The list of public holidays for the season of 2013 mentioned below.

01 Jan 2013: New Year’s Day  
This day celebrates not only Mauritius but also most of the country in the world. During this day roads and streets are decorated with balloons, festoons, banners and different kind of lighting.

27 Jan 2013 :Thaipusam (Thaipoosam)
Thaipusam is noticed by all Tamil areas as a Hindu event on the complete full moon of Tai. This is depending on the Tamil schedule and is a day of commemoration, who was the spouse of Shiva, who was a Hindu deity

10 Feb 2013: Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year is usually recognized by the Mauritian Chinese suppliers of Mauritius. The actual time frame of for the festival is established in accordance with the Chinese calendar. As part of the festival firecrackers are set off according to custom to generate away the evil spirits. Family members get together and enjoy the New Year with a large quantity of food. At the end of the celebrations, Chinese supplier’s performers will execute the Lion Dancing. The event consists of parades with results of dancing dragons, and a fireworks display. The major shade during this event is the red which is the icon of pleasure. The primary celebrations are organized on that day in Port Louis in China city.

10 March 2013: Maha Shivaratree
The Maha Shivaratree is recognized every year in respect of the Master Shiva. The Maha Shivatree is a three-day Hindu event, during which thousands of Hindus pilgrimage to Grand Bassin to sanctify themselves in the water of the stream. It is a holy lake for Mauritians of Hindu faith. It is said that the water in the lake conveys with the waters of the river of India. They make food forfeit and bring sacred water from the stream. The members are wearing white, while carrying a bamboo machine on their back as a sign of compromise. The entire scene is similar to the great traditions on the banks of the Holy Ganges.

12 March 2013: Mauritius National Day
On National Day there are Parading and celebrations, organized in storage of the groundwork of the state of Mauritius on April Twelfth, 1968.

1 May 2013: Labor Day
It is the festival for all workers in a country-celebrated all over the world.

9 August 2013: Eid-UL-Fitr
This festival recognized at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. All Muslims enjoy this day with wishes at the mosques where meals and desserts are distributed. These are also distributed to friends, neighbors, and the poor. The Ramadan is an interval of around one month during that the Islamic fast during daytime.

1 November 2013: All Saints Day
The day adhering to the all saints day, honor is given to all the dead. This is a Christian event where individuals go to huge before going to keep blossoms on the tombs.

3 November 2013: Denali
The Denali is recognized by the Hindus. It represents the success of good Rama over wicked Ravenna in the legendary Native Indian poetry. During this night as from six o’clock all Hindus and many Mauritians beautify their houses with small oil lighting, along with, clay-based lighting or power lights. These days also a lot of houses are designed with power lighting stores and also some of the main roads are illuminated with special light designs. This is why this event is also known as the event of lightning. Cakes are prepared and distributed among family members and others who live nearby on that day.

25 December 2013: Christmas Day
Mauritius has a large Christian community; most of Catholic trust therefore Christmas and Easter is recognized on huge in Mauritius. It honors the beginning of God Jesus on the Twenty fifth Dec every season. On this Day, individuals get prepared for the great food. Visitors check out and wish each other a Merry Christmas and eat the haute cuisine particularly prepared for the event.

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