The Mid-Autumn Event is one of the most wonderful and colorful yearly Festival that celebrates, among other factors, harvest time with the greatest and brightest moon of the season. The festival also remembers a Fourteenth Century rebellion against the Mongols. In an inventive strategy, the rebels had written the contract to rebel on items of the document and included them in desserts that they smuggled to compatriots. This year, the event occurs from 11 Sept to 10 Oct.

Mid-autumn Event is a festival for people who love to appreciate the complete moon, while the moon on this day is the maximum and biggest to the eye. The whole family collects together, eating in good wine, fruit, nut products and desserts. The festival falls on the 15th day in Aug in China lunar schedule, which is usually in Sept or beginning Oct of the Gregorian schedule. As in most cultural vacations, there are tales to respect. The most well-known star for the Mid-autumn Event is tracked to 2000 B.C. This is the tale of Hou Yih, an official of the imperial protects.

The Mid-Autumn Event, also known as the Mooncake or Lantern Event, is a conventional harvest festival that is recognized yearly by the Chinese people. The Chinese enjoys this Event on the Fifteenth day of the 8th China lunar month, when the moon is at its maximum loin in a huge lantern move along the roads of Chinatown that will be clothed up with fairy lighting. Get moon cakes and other snacks at the bazaars and get night-time activities during the period. The Mid-Autumn Event is recognized in Chinatown with fun road light-ups and bazaar booths promoting moon cakes, tea and a variety of fun offerings.


Moon cakes are generally square rather than circular, though circular ones are available. Besides the natural story of the banyan tree, other tales are commonly informed such as the story of the Moon Lady, and the story of the carp who desired to become a dragon. In a Vietnamese tradition, mother and father were working to get ready for the collect that they left the kids enjoying by themselves. To make up for missing time, mother and father would use the Mid-Autumn event as a probability to show their love and admiration for their kids. Properly, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Kids Festival.


The Moon cake event is focused on the Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival. From Sept to Oct, Chinatown—the defeating center of the Chinese in Singapore—is modified into an of production of gleaming light, designed lamps, road bazaars, and level reveals, all to pay honor to an event that gets back again into the very origins of China lifestyle. Visitors can be a part of the rest of Singapore in seeing the formal light-up and starting ceremony. Chinatown will be improved with glowing festive lighting and glimmering lamps coating the roads, a show that will continue for several weeks.

The Mid-Autumn Event is another interesting celebration for the Chinese community in Malaysia. The festival is noticeable by lantern processions by children and adults as well. During now, Malaysian China exchange moon desserts with family as a concept of their best wishes. For visitors who are eager to know about the lifestyle and customs of the China, the China History Museum gallery in Sarawak offers an amazing understanding. This festival has come to symbolize a basic part of serenity and distributed success. Take pleasure in the vibrant lamps shown during now while enjoying the variety of moon cakes available.

Hong Kong

The Chinese Mid-Autumn Event is one of the most wonderful and colorful yearly festival that celebrates, the harvest with the greatest and smartest moon of the season. On this festival, mother and father allow children to stay up overdue and take them to high advantage factors such as The Optimum to light their lanterns and watch the huge autumn moon rise while eating their moon desserts. Public recreational areas are on fire with many a large number of lamps in all colors, forms and styles. A century ago, Tai Hang was a seaside village whose population resided off gardening and Sport fishing. Some days before the Mid-Autumn Event a storm and then a problem wreaked harm to the village. While the villagers were restoring the destruction, a python joined the village and ate their animals.

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