So if you are from the country with majority of Islamic people, then this post is going to be informative for you. Yes, I am talking about Pakistan and I am going to list the Public Holidays in Pakistan In 2013. The major reason of holidays in any country is the festivals. As the majority of people in Pakistan are Islamic, so the common reason for the holidays in Pakistan is the Islamic festivals.

The holidays in Pakistan are decides on the basis of Islamic Lunar calender. There is not any surety in the dates of holidays. The holidays keep changing and sometimes it may happen just before the hours of holiday time. So nothing can be said about the Pakistan holidays with full guarantee.

Whatsoever, in this post I am listing the Pakistan Public Holidays 2013. So let’s have a look at it.

  • Bank holiday on New Year’s Day

This holiday is on the first day of year according to Gregorian calendar. The date is 1 January 2013 and day is Tuesday.

It’s celebrated with great enthusiasm from all the people of Pakistan. The festival is  to celebrate the birth of Mohammad.  The day for festival falls to be 12th of Rabiul Awal according to Islamic Calender. The date for this is 24th January 2013 and day is Thursday.

This public holiday is not related to Islam. This day is announced to remember the passing of Lahore Resolution. The date for this comes out to be 23 March 2013 and day is Saturday.

It is to remember the hard work and achievements of workers of Pakistan. The public holiday is on 1 May 2013 and the da0y0 is We0dnesday.

It’s celebrated on 1 to 3rd day of Shawwal according to Islamic Calender. This is to celebrate the end of fasting month, Ramadan in Pakistan. The date for the festival in 2013 is 8 to 10 August 2013.

It is celebrated to remember the golden day in the history of Pakistan. It’s to remember the freedom day of Pakistan from British Government and also to pay Tribution to patriots of country. The date for this is 14 August 2013 and day is Wednesday.

This is one of the biggest Islamic festivals and is celebrated on 10th and 11th of Dhul Hizza. The date for this in 2013 is 15th and 16th of October.

This is announced to celebrate the birth of great national poet of Pakistan- Muhammad Iqbal. Saturday, 9 November 2013 is the date for it.

This holiday is related to Islamic calender and is related to Imam Hussain. This is to remember his martyrdom. Date 14 November 2013 and day Thursday is set for it in the upcoming year 2013.

  • Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is known as father of Pakistan and this day is to celebrate the birth of him. 25 December 2013, Wednesday is date and day for this in upcoming year, 2013.

Happy Pakistan Holidays 2013! Enjoy Pakistani Holidays and Festivals 2013!

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That’s it!!!

This was all about the holidays in 2013 in Pakistan. We want to clarify here that the holidays listed here are correct as of now but nothing can be said for future. It has been shown that these holidays dates keep changing. So we can’t guarantee any surety in the dates. So make a plan to have fun in these public holidays in the upcoming year 2013.

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