Peace Memorial Day is a nationwide commemoration noticed every 28 Feb in Taiwan. It remembers the 228 Massacre in which over ten thousand of Taiwanese were murdered while countless numbers others were locked up on 28 Feb 1947. Recently, the subject was taboo to be mentioned among Taiwanese individuals, but now, typical monuments are built to respect the affected individuals, and individuals respect the anniversary of 228 Occurrence as a public holiday in Taiwan. In 2013 Peace Memorial Day drops on 28 Feb 2013.

It is considered that the background of the Day goes back to 27 Feb 1947 when a woman who was offering underground cigarettes was captured, and got her products and cash taken. In the use of a collecting audience, the woman screamed and screamed to the law enforcement to show her demonstration.

This occurrence triggered turmoil among the people who were fed up with the data corruption of the govt that many individuals should rely on underground items to make living. On the next day, individuals collected outside the cops place to show their resistance of the occurrence. Feeling forced by the act, the authorities shot upon the huge. The circumstance became more intense when categories of military came from landmass Chinese suppliers and began shooting individuals as unique. Although there is no proof, many individuals think that about 10,000 until 30,000 individuals were passed away at that time.

During this occasion, many funeral service solutions, events, art events, team operates, and many other activities are organized throughout Taiwan by the govt. A ceremony joined by the present Chief executive is also structured on this unique day. As an aspect of the celebration, the Chief executive usually jewelry a ceremonial bows to the victims’ family members. Accreditations recognizing the purity of the affected individuals are also passed to the family members. The objective of Peace Memorial Day is to honor one black record of Taiwan as well as to avoid the repeat of such disaster later on.

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