Poker games poker player in a league competition. This is a table (called the “head” of the game), two players can be arranged with a table of thousands of thousands of players to play the game. The person, who has played every chip won, lost, was awarded on the basis of other places. This facility, majority of the game, the blinds increase during the game. Challenge Cup (or cash game), a game player to player chip set will be set up can not be cashed.

How came the Asian poker tours?

Asian poker Tour is the largest and the apt poker tour in November 2012 held in Singapore in the Asia-Pacific Private Capital Management, Singapore Asia. The is still headquartered. It’s a poker player Tony G first apt Champion. The, Asian poker tours in the initial Asian Logic 2008 (AIM: ALOG), the lesson was designed to position itself as Asia’s largest poker tournament was. A highly respected and popular poker tour, which was their goal of world – class poker experience in Asia, as evidence of growth. Therefore, the Asian poker tour continues in Asia and the world. This year is all poker players and enthusiasts, the Asian poker tour poker’s most popular destinations in Asia is a big event, including Macau and the Philippines are expected to be re-organized. In line with its commitment to help grow the game in Asia, the Asian poker tours in various locations all over the region and provide support to the less recognized event.

Poker tournaments in Asia, 2008 to 2012

Apt Philippines and Macau: Asian poker tour (apt), two significant events occurred in 2008. Asian poker Tour Philippines 2008 in Manila, Philippines, May 27-June 1, 2008, was won by Australian poker player David sub. Asian poker Tour Macau 2008, while, in Macau, Asia’s gaming capital, on August 28, 2008 to be held from 27 Macao Even Julia Tymoshenko 2008 apt to seize the title of the main Event.

In 2009, Neil Acre 2009 apt Philippines poker player won the primary. 2009 apt Macau Main Event poker in the 12-day film festival, the French online qualifier Adrian Allan won.

Annual apt complex in Manila Philippines, 2010 August 23 to 29 attractions in the world. 2010 apt Philippines Main Event champion in a home with a local player Michael CUA.

Apt on November 14 this year, the Asian poker tours organized by the Macau off the sixth, 2010 apt hard rock poker to Macau, Macau City, as the lounge at the main event. China’s Zhang was honored Damping major tournament.

Apt is the beginning of this year’s World Series, a new event format known as apt. In January of this event is much less apt to buy the same type, but a familiar game, apt Asian Series Cuba, Sweden, Andreas Lindale won from. March 28 from 3 back to the apt, Enrique Pardon, Little Manila, the Philippines Resort Philippines World 2011 won the Asian poker tour

Macau is Asia’s most eye-catching. Macau gambling throughout Asia, and the people of this city, to attract various forms of gambling poker. APT Star Hotel and Casino will continue to race here. The competition will run from July 31 to July 25. This poker area of ??activity is very popular in Asia.

Asia poker rates relative to the competition?

In addition to these events, as well as other major events throughout the year. World poker open to competition, the United States and the Caribbean $ 5,000 from $ 25,000 to buy, as well as from Europe and 1 € 10,000 customers in the series, broadcast throughout the tour. The Caribbean Adventure poker casino game, such as commercial as it is standing alone, but el poker classic, is a combination of the host casino, poker challenge, and the world of mountain bike legend casino, poker in the range of a series of events. 2012 North American tour is a bugaboo.

Asia poker tour of the Internet

Trump Tag Mahan Casino in Atlantic City, the poker championships in recent years, ESPN has the broadcast. Internet poker revolution has led to a series of online poker tournaments, and many more games on the site. Online poker (WCOOP) and full tilt poker series (FTOPS) is the largest online poker tournament World Championship in two series, one million dollar prize money.

Where to stay for Popular Poker Tournaments in Asia?

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